Tourists who want to relax in Turkey warned of a new danger

Tourists who want to relax in Turkey have been warned of a new danger

Turkish law enforcement is concerned about the number of scammers who profit from tourists who want to book holidays in the country's resorts. As the command of the gendarmerie of the province of Mugla told local media, 38 qualified cases of fraud were uncovered in the resorts of the province in 2021 alone, related to fake hotel websites and “special offers” that bought gullible tourists. 8 people were arrested, but the police warn that the fight continues.

“In order to prevent fraudulent activities that may occur in 2022 due to the approaching tourist season in the province of Muğla and its regions, work was carried out with 352 sites belonging to hotels on the Internet. As a result, access to 26 fake sites was blocked. Work continues,” the provincial gendarmerie reports.

Mugla law enforcement officers, with the support of local authorities, have created a special memo for tourists on how to recognize a scammer and beware. “Do not fall into the trap of cyber-scammers for those who are planning to go on holiday in Turkey!” they urge. Many rules are useful to study for Russian tourists, even those who buy a “package” vacation. Especially since fake websites are not just a problem for Turkey.

  • Always be wary of cheap holiday offers coming through communication channels like social media, email and text messages – they are often scammers.
  • Fake sites are mainly focused on direct phone calls and social networking. Tourists are encouraged to check Turkish phone numbers in the following sources.
  • Official website of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, where hotels and travel agencies are registered
  • Official website of the Association of Turkish Travel Agencies www,
  • It is also recommended to check if the website where the tourist is booking a hotel is registered with the Electronic Commerce Information System (ETBIS) at

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