Traffic like at peak hours: Russia's foreign air gates boasted the number of flights with Russians, dividing them into categories

Traffic like at peak hours: Russia's foreign air gates boasted the number of flights from Russians, dividing them into categories

“Rush-hour traffic” and even “night crush” occurs at Moscow's Vnukovo Airport, the base airport for Turkish Airlines and a number of other Turkish air carriers. This information was presented in the Turkish media. Local experts said that the Russian side offers Turkey to increase the number of flights operated by Turkish airlines between countries from about 85 to 100 per day by the end of August: in fact, Turkey has already become the main international departure destination for Russian tourists – all other destinations cannot compete with it, even put together.

“Moscow's Vnukovo airport is so busy that sometimes Turkish planes take off every few minutes. Huge queues form for ten planes taking off every night from 2:00 to 5:00. A similar scene is observed between 14:00 and 17:00 at noon,” paints Hurriyet. The publication also assures that for the Russians over the past five months, Istanbul Airport has literally become the number one transit point in Europe.

At the same time, Turkish experts divide Russian tourists into two categories. The airports of Antalya and Bodrum are filled primarily by those tourists whose journey ends in Turkey, they fly on vacation. They are the vast majority. Approximately 30% more travel through Istanbul to other countries, and those wishing to settle in Turkey also arrived through Istanbul. This seriously affected prices, the publication adds. “A ticket for a Moscow-Istanbul or St. Petersburg-Istanbul flight is almost equal in price to an Istanbul-New York ticket,” the publication assures.

The rest of the countries, the Turkish media adds, have significantly less potential. Russian tourists also use such open states as the United Arab Emirates, Serbia, Egypt, Armenia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan as a gateway to other countries. But all these countries together account for only 15% of Russian tourists who “sneak” abroad. And 85% of traffic goes through Turkey.

It is not surprising that the country is anxiously discussing a possible IKAO decision, which could completely block flights from Russia. Read the details here.

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