Trouble came to Turkish hotels: for the first time, many hotels could not open

Turkish hotels are in trouble: for the first time many hotels could not open

the fact that hotels in the tourist province of Antalya, especially in some “Russian” resorts, had to postpone their opening until at least May-June. In particular, according to the Turkish media, such a situation, which the Turks describe only as a “trouble”, has developed in Kemer.

Under normal conditions, these hotels opened from April 1, but it is obvious that they will not be able to fill up, so the opening had to be postponed. According to the President of the Kemeri Hoteliers Association (KETOB), Dincer Sarikaya, due to the situation with the Russian special operation in Ukraine, the opening of hotels “in regions attractive to Russians” has been postponed to May and June. At the same time, he specified that only in the Kemer region there are 65 five-star and 350 four-star hotels with a capacity of at least 120,000 people. However, only 15 hotels are currently open in Kemer.

The situation is similar in other resorts. Recep Yavuz, an Antalya tourism spokesman for the “ruling party,” said tourism in Antalya is opening “with great caution.” He confirmed that most of the “Russian” hotels in Kemer never opened. A similar picture in the resort of Side – very few hotels are open. Network operators owning 7-8 hotels have opened only 2-3 of them.

The “Europeans” are in a slightly more optimistic mood. The key manager of the resort for the global European market, Levent Bekaroglu, said that the Russians have competitors. “We expect clarity on the supply of Russian tourists in the near future, in particular, how the activities of Turkish-owned Russian licensed aviation companies will be organized.” But in any case, the Europeans, he said, are ready to take revenge. “For some time, the Germans took first place among the tourists who come to Antalya. Their record was 3 million in 2015. This season, the Germans will be in first place,” the Turkish expert is sure.

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