Turkey's popular resort says it's already 60% full despite Russian tourists leaving

A popular resort in Turkey said it was already 60% full despite the departure of Russian tourists

The popular resort town of Marmaris (Mugla province), despite the outflow of Russian tourists amid sanctions, began to receive tourists this season. Ali Bashli, the booking director of the five-star hotel, said in Turkish media that hotel occupancy is proceeding at an intensive pace. At the moment, in a number of hotels it has reached 60 percent.

Most visitors are guests from the UK, Israel, Belgium and Iran. Tourists visiting the famous southwestern Turkish city are already sunbathing on the beach and swimming in the sea. The weather favors the holidaymakers: the air temperature stays above +23°C.

The head of the booking department noted that, despite the encouragingly high density of tourists in hotels, the resort's tourism is worried about the events in Ukraine and the outcome of the Russian- Ukrainian tourist flow.

“Our first wish is that we want the crisis to end and peace be achieved. As of March 14, we have opened the season with our Iranian guests, and with the British arriving on March 27, our hotels have already reached 60 percent occupancy. Our goal for bookings affected by the events in Ukraine is to reach occupancy levels in 2019. To do this, we are taking the necessary steps. In addition to the UK, negotiations are also underway on the markets of other European countries: Romania, Bulgaria and Serbia. We had a serious increase in bookings from the Middle East market, especially during the holidays,” he said, referring to the holy month of Ramadan.

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