Turkey bans tourists from changing currency at hotels

Tourists in Turkey banned from changing currency in hotels

The unexpected decision of the Turkish Ministry of Finance was presented by the Turkish tourism media: all “exchangers” in hotels should be closed. The reason is not officially named, but in the first place it is assumed that the hotels practiced overpriced exchange rates. But, as the hoteliers themselves say, in the end, it is the tourist who will suffer.

“The Ministry of Finance and Finance made an unexpected decision regarding currency purchase and sale transactions in hotels. According to his order, it is forbidden to trade foreign currency in hotels. That is, there will no longer be a currency exchange for the expenses of tourists,” Turkish media write. By decision of the Ministry, the hoteliers asked the agents who sell the rooms to completely remove the phrase “Currency Exchange” included in the promotion of the hotel.

The reason for this decision is not clear. There are speculations that according to the Turkish Ministry of Finance, some hotels have simply “started operating as exchange offices.” The second version is that the hotels were selling the currency at very high commissions.

However, some hoteliers simply do not know about this decision, the Turkish tourism agency said. It is very difficult to implement and will only cause additional problems for tourists.

“As a tourist who has arrived at the hotel, he will be able to exchange currency. What will he do when he needs Turkish money? Perhaps the ministry made such a decision to prevent some hotels from trading currency with high commissions. But for tourists who will pay at the hotel or exchange currency to buy souvenirs, there will be many problems if they cannot do this at the hotel,” the hoteliers assure.

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