Turkey demanded that hotels cancel all bookings of Russian tourists and expel the Russians

Turkey required hotels to cancel all bookings of Russian tourists and expel the Russians

Tour operator TUI did not limit itself to announcing the termination of its work in Russia. Its representative in Turkey, TUI Tantur, a tourist services company, demanded that hotels cancel the bookings of Russian tourists. The Turkish newspaper Turizmgazetesi wrote about this, citing a TUI letter received by the editors.

Judging by the publication, tour operators from the Baltic countries, sending tourists to Turkey through the Turkish company TUI Tantur, gave her an ultimatum that the hotels where the Balts go would not accommodate Russians. And it was done in an ultimatum form. Despite the fact that the scale of deliveries of tourists from Russia and the Baltic states is clearly not comparable, the company still succumbed to blackmail. After that, the host Turkish TUI Tantur sent a letter to the hotels demanding not to accommodate the Russians, where the Balts rest. Moreover, the Turkish company TUI Tantur closed the Russian department, where employees were fired and their computers were blocked

Note that TUI Tantur works in the Baltic market with such tour operators as TI Travel LLC, TI Baltics SIA and Borublita .

So far, this blackmail is valid until May 31, but then it is threatened to be renewed every month no later than the 20th day of the ending month.

Recall that earlier Turkish hoteliers called these statements “racist tourist madness.” Operators quote letters that began to come to them from Europe: “If Russians come to your hotel, we will not come, if we see Russians, we will boycott your hotel. And we will also write to friends in Germany and say don't go! Write that you are on the Ukrainian side, otherwise we will not return to you.”

Hotels are ready not to succumb to blackmail, ignoring such threats. They advise their colleagues not to succumb to provocations. “There is a great temptation to write – do not come and do not stay, we do not want tourists like you anyway, so what to do. But such messages should never be answered, even out of courtesy,” they say in the travel press. Read the details here.

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