Turkey in February: an atypical getaway from worries

On the Mediterranean coast of Turkey, almonds bloom in February. There is snow on the slopes of the Uludag ridge. In Istanbul, it either smells of close spring, or a blizzard is circling. Not summer, of course, you have to wear a jacket and limit yourself to promenades along the sea. But how pleasant it is to relax at this time, when tourists do not take hotels and sights by storm!

About why February – a good time for a family trip to Turkey, what to see on a trip and where to swim, the Kid Passage review will tell.

Turkey in February: an atypical getaway

< h2>Rest in Turkey in February: pros and cons

The number of reviews about holidays in Turkey in February is many times less than about how people relax during the high season. But winter travel is remembered with pleasure, and here's why:

  • prices in hotels – the lowest of the year;
  • the weather is much more pleasant than the temperate latitudes;
  • a lot of options for recreation – from skiing to relaxation by the sea;
  • on excursions neither crowds of tourists nor the scorching sun bother;
  • amusement parks and other entertainment centers for children work;
  • < li>light day lengthens – in Istanbul, the sun sets at 18:30-19:00.

For all that, Turkey in February is not an ideal option. Firstly, at this time there are fewer tours, there is not always a lot to choose from. Secondly, many hotels are closed completely or partially, the range of services is sometimes limited. Thirdly, the weather is capricious, and it is impossible to predict what it is preparing for your arrival.

If the consdo not seem significant, then it's time to think about where to relax in Turkey in February. The weather in different regions favors this or that type of recreation.

Weather in Turkey in February

At first glance, the weather in February-March is not so different from January. It is clearly not yet the beach season, but in the mountains you can ski at all. But still there are positive changes.

Firstly, it is getting a little warmer. The weather in early February already pleases with more serene days. Secondly, the amount of precipitation decreases. In this sense, the weather in Turkey at the end of February is strikingly different from what it was a month earlier.

In the southern regions, rainfall is three times less than in January. In Istanbul, rain is not uncommon, snow is possible, but closer to March, the sun is increasingly showing.

Based on meteorological observations, it is best to plan a trip to Turkey in February with a child for the last week of the month. At this time, there are great chances to catch dry, sunny, rather warm weather.

Air and water temperature

Even though there is snow in Turkey in winter and you have to wear warm jackets, the country's climate seems mild to the inhabitants of most of Europe. On the coast of the seas in February there is almost never a minus temperature, but + 20 ° C on thermometers – quite possible situation.

  Day t Night t t water
Istanbul +10.2°C +7.4°C +8.2°C
Antalya +14.5° ;C +9.3°C +17.1°C
Side +15°C +10°C +17.2°C
Alanya +15.6°C + 13.4°C +17.4°C
Uludag +10°C +3.8°C

The air temperature in Turkey in February varies from region to region. In Istanbul, during the day, thermometers show from 0°C to +17°C, at night from 0°C to +14°C. In Antalya, the air is warmed up to + 7-20°C during the day and + 3-14°C at night. In the mountainous Uludag, frost is possible down to -5 ° C, and heat up to + 6-15 ° C.

The water temperature in Turkey in February is +16-18°C in the Mediterranean and Aegean Seas, +8-11°C in the Black Sea.

Is it possible to swim

< img title="Turkey in February: an atypical getaway" src="/wp-content/uploads/2022/03/turcija-v-fevrale-netipichnyj-otdyh-ot-zabot-2cbbaa1.jpg" alt="Turkey in February: an atypical break from worries" />

Since the air warms up more, then the sea should also get warmer? Unfortunately, everything is exactly the opposite: compared to January, the water cools down by almost a degree. Therefore, few people are ready to swim in Turkey in February – except perhaps in the indoor pools of hotels.

Hotels with pools for adults and children are very common in seaside resorts. Sometimes there are children's water slides and other entertainment for the little ones. The water in the pools is heated, and a recreation area is equipped nearby.

Another place where people swim in February, – thermal springs. During a holiday in the Uludag ski resort, tourists go to the baths “Kaplydzha”. The waters of the Yalova balneotherapy resort are indicated for dermatological ailments, rheumatism, diseases of the nervous system. Hot radon-sulphur springs and Sultaniye mud treat diseases of the musculoskeletal system and diseases associated with circulatory disorders.

Beach holidays

Where in summer there is nowhere for an apple to fall, in winter it is quiet, but by no means empty. Cool by Turkish standards, the weather on the Mediterranean coast is more like the height of spring. On a sunny day, it is pleasant to walk along the coast, breathe in the sea air, which is mixed with the aroma of pines. And if a sunny day falls, you can sunbathe.

The warmest region at the end of winter – eastern part of the Mediterranean coast. And here are a few more options where to go in Turkey in February.


Turkey in February: an atypical rest from worries

Antalya is chosen for rest just because it has a large international airport next to it. In addition, there are good hotels here, and in winter there are many opportunities for excursions around the city and the surrounding area.

In early February, the thermometers at the resort show +12-20°C during the day and +3-15°C at night. During the month, cooling down to + 7-10 ° C is possible, it lasts for several days. There are more sunny days than cloudy ones, and rainy days – only 5-6. Wind speed averages 3.1 m/s. The water temperature does not even reach +18°C.

Antalya beaches are covered with sand and pebbles. Neither sunbed rentals, nor water activities, nor cafes are open at this time. A piece of summer can only be found in hotels with heated pools and spas.

Walks along the sea – not the only entertainment available. Ancient and medieval buildings have been preserved in the old town, amazing underwater creatures live in the aquarium, and all the family favorites are collected in the Aktur Park amusement park.

Children love the Sandland sand sculpture complex, where new large-scale sand compositions.

Hotels also help out in organizing leisure activities. Their territory is green, despite February, this is a great place for walking with a baby. Even if there is no children's animation in the low season, the child will have a good time in the pool or playroom.

By the number of family hotels, Antalya is not inferior to other resorts. However, it is worth checking whether a children's menu is available in winter. In February, many travelers do not stay in beachfront hotels, but prefer apartments in the picturesque old town.

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Turkey in February: an atypical rest from worries

Alanya has its own international airport, although in winter it may be easier to get through Antalya. But this is not the main reason to choose a resort three hours from Antalya. The biggest plus – plenty of sunny, fine days.

The daytime air temperature in the resort is usually above +14-15°C, sometimes +19-20°C. But warm clothes may be needed, because sometimes it gets cold up to + 5-10 ° C. Night temperature ranges from +5°C to +15°C. Sunny days make up a good two-thirds of the month, rainy days are no more than three or four. The average wind speed is 2.9 m/s. The water temperature is kept at +17-18°C.

The beaches of Alanya and all neighboring resort villages are mostly rocky. Against their background, the two-kilometer sandy beach of Cleopatra looks like a curiosity, and they even lead excursions here. Of course, they show not only and not so much the beach: right next to the shore is the Damlatash cave and the cable car station, from where you can climb to the ancient fortress. The fortress also includes the Red Tower – the symbol of the city. Now it houses an ethnographic museum.

There are few entertainments for children in Alanya, but you can go to The Land of Legends amusement park located in Belek.

Alanya is valued for its good selection of affordable accommodation, although there are family hotels with an all-inclusive concept.

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Turkey in February: an atypical rest from worries

Beautiful hotels on the seashore and the ancient city located behind them – here is a brief description of Side. The small resort is loved for its calm atmosphere and proximity to Antalya and Alanya, which expands the cultural program.

In mid-February, the air in the resort warms up to +13-17°C. Sometimes it gets cold for a few days to + 7-10 ° C, but there is almost hot weather when the thermometer rises to + 19-20 ° C. The night temperature is +8-14°C. Sunny days are interspersed with cloudy ones, it rains 4-5 times a month. The average wind speed is 3 m/s. The water temperature in the sea is kept at +16-18°С.

Sandy beaches – what Side is proud of in the summer. In the cold season, it is also nice to walk on the sand. The sun and palm trees, which turn green even in winter, will set you up for a relaxed holiday.

The main attraction of the resort is located very close to the tourist area. Of the buildings of the ancient city, the impressive amphitheater is best preserved, the city walls, the temples of Dionysius and Apollo, and the Nymphaeum fountain have partially survived. Next to the amphitheater there is an archaeological museum – the exposition is located in the ancient terms. There are many comfortable family hotels in Side and its surroundings.

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Ski holidays

Turkey in February: an atypical getaway

While some travelers are looking for spring in Turkey, others are happy for winter with snow and without severe frosts. Resort Uludag – a worthy alternative to European ski resorts. There are good conditions for skiing, wide and well-maintained slopes of varying difficulty, modern lifts, developed tourist infrastructure and at the same time very reasonable prices.

In winter, the temperature in Uludag fluctuates quite a lot. Both at the beginning and at the end of February, thermometers can show both -5 ° С and + 19 ° С. On average, during the day on thermometers + 10 ° C, and at night + 4 ° C. There are a little less clear days than cloudy ones, but on the other hand, the tracks are constantly sprinkled with fresh snow.

Mostly Turkish residents ride at the resort, but there are also a lot of visitors. There is no particular excitement in February, only the number of skiers increases on weekends.

Uludag slopes are located at an altitude of 1750-2543 m. Simple slopes with a total length of 10 km pass through a coniferous forest. They descend directly to the old part of the resort, where most of the hotels and après ski establishments are located.

Difficult tracks (their length is 18 km) are laid on treeless slopes closer to the new part with respectable hotels. Both ski areas are connected by buses. Beginners will be helped to get on skis by instructors working at hotels. You can also sign up for ski lessons. The necessary equipment is available at the rental offices.

It is still difficult with children's entertainment in Uludag. Older children are already capable of outdoor activities: hiking in the mountains, cross-country skiing, snowmobile excursions.

Since the resort is only an hour's drive from Bursa, it is interesting to devote at least a day to excursions. Bursa – Turkey's fourth largest city with a long history. There are many architectural monuments here, for example, the mausoleum of Sultan Mehmed I and the burial complex of Muradiye, there are historical and archaeological museums.

The level of service in Uludag hotels is quite high, although there is no such range of services as in Mediterranean resorts.

There are other ski resorts in Turkey: Palandoken, Sarykamysh, Kartalkaya. Tourists with children rarely get to them, because the road involves several transfers.

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Sightseeing holidays

Turkey in February: an atypical getaway

If you like a rich excursion, then it is best to go to Istanbul. There you can make a program for three days, and for a week, and for a longer period.

To see the most famous beauties of the city, it is enough to go to the historical district of Sultanahmet, included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. It is there that the Topkapi Palace, Hagia Sophia, Blue Mosque are located. With children, you need to go down to the Basilica cistern: the ancient water storage is decorated with outlandish columns.

But this is just the beginning of the list. Other attractions are scattered around the city: in the Besiktas area there is the Dolmabahce Palace, in the Galata area – Galata Tower, Taksim Square – monument “Republic”.

Seeing architectural monuments can be turned into a game if you visit the park “Miniaturk”. Small copies depict not only existing buildings: the temple of Artemis and other buildings that have not survived to this day are recreated there.

Snow or rain driven from the street? It is warm in the halls of the archaeological and polytechnical museums, and the toy museum is very cozy.

In cool February weather, it is more than ever good to see the ruins of ancient cities. Phaselis, Perge, Aspendos are located along the Antalya coast. A little away from the main tourist routes stands Seleucia, surrounded by a pine forest.

We add that valuable archaeological finds made on the site of ancient cities are now exhibited in the Antalya Museum. Its halls are filled with marble statues of gods and rulers, stone sarcophagi, Byzantine mosaics, carpets, household items of the Seljuk and Ottoman periods.

Entertainment for children

turkey in february: an atypical break from worries

Travelers going to Istanbul do not particularly count on a hotel with children's animation. Fortunately, the city is preparing surprises for the little guests at any time of the year.

One of the favorite places for children – city ​​of professions «KidZania». Its stations are designed for both preschoolers and older children. In the meantime, the children are busy learning professions and earning money, parents have free time for an excursion or shopping.

We recommend visiting the Sea Life Aquarium with the whole family. Its feature – a moving walkway that passes through an 80-meter transparent tunnel. It seems as if you are slowly swimming along with the fish.

For those who love winter, the snowy town of Snowpark awaits. It is located in a building, but the temperature is below zero, there is snow, and you can go sledding, skating, skiing and snowboarding.

Isfanbul amusement park is also open, although some attractions may be closed in bad weather.


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Holidays, Events & Festivals

Nothing appears in the Turkish holiday calendar in February. And those festivals that are held at this time – for example, International Festival of Poetry and Literature in Istanbul – not designed for tourists.

This has its pluses. Fewer major events – fewer travelers, it's easier to find a hotel or apartment to suit your taste and budget.

But one special festival can still be visited. In early February, the city of Datca, which is 70 km from Marmaris, arranges a Almond Blossom Festival. Guests will enjoy a fair with products of local craftsmen, a food zone with traditional cuisine, concerts and exhibitions.

In February, there may be events of the Islamic calendar, but they usually do not affect the rest.

Holiday prices

Turkey in February: an atypical getaway

Prices in Turkey in February – one of the factors that tempt to go on a trip. The festive hype is over, summer is far away, you can take advantage of great deals.

Air tickets

Tickets to Istanbul or Antalya are 5-10% cheaper than in January. In March, their price practically does not change.


Compared to January, housing prices in February fall by 7-10%. The demand is small, but the supply is also less than in the summer months. Some hotels are closed for renovations in winter.

It is characteristic that in March the cost can grow by 10-20%. This is due to the increase in the flow of tourists. Hotels become more expensive in Istanbul.

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In February, the price of tours for 11-14 days remains the same as in the second half of January, or rises very slightly. But a short package holiday (3-7 days) rises in price by 4-12%. In March, you can expect prices to rise by 2-10%.


Turkey is loved for all inclusive in hotels, and this is really a convenient system for a passive summer holiday. In winter, many hotels also work according to this concept, but tourists who come for excursions prefer to visit cafes and restaurants. In an inexpensive establishment, lunch or dinner will cost 30 lire, a simple breakfast – at 10-15 lira.

The street food is of decent quality. You can limit yourself to bagels for 1-2 lira or fried chestnuts (5 lira per bag), or you can try the traditional spicy kokorech (15-20 lira), dener kebab (7 lira) or mussels stuffed with rice (3-5 lira per pair) .

If you are going to cook your own food, there will be no problems with buying the right products. Supermarkets and markets delight with a huge selection and affordable prices. The approximate price for 1 kg of fruits and vegetables in the markets is as follows: oranges – 3-5 lira, apples – 5 lira, bananas – 8-10 lire, strawberries – 10 lira, potatoes – 2-3 lira, carrot – 3 lira, tomatoes – 2-5 lira, cauliflower – 5 lire, pepper – 6 lire, eggplant – 8 lira, greenery – 1.5-3 lira per bunch.

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Turkey in February: atypical rest from worries

Rare reviews of holidays in Turkey in February do without mentioning bargains. In February, they are doubly beneficial, because this is the time of the winter sale. You can make a bargain in stores of European brands, it is also worth exploring the range of local products. In search of high-quality jewelry made of silver and gold, fur products, leather shoes, we advise you to go only to branded outlets. Home textiles, leather accessories, knitwear, cezvas can also be looked at in the markets.

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Recommendations for traveling with children

Holidays in Turkey in February with children require more careful planning than a trip in the summer. We need more luggage, a plan for excursions and entertainment, insurance and a first aid kit in case of SARS. Here are a few tips to help you get ready for the road.

  1. For a trip to Istanbul, you will definitely need a hat, scarf, windproof jacket and waterproof shoes. It is worth taking umbrellas or raincoats with you.
  2. You should not take a lot of light things to a seaside resort. We recommend considering several sets of multi-layered clothing, for example, a T-shirt, cardigan, demi-season jacket. With such a set, it is easier to adapt to any weather. The baby will definitely need a hat.
  3. Check with the hotel for child services available in winter. In the low season, animators are unlikely to work, but the games room and children's pool – quite a good help.
  4. Plan excursions for the first half of the day. Museums close quite early.

And if you are going to a ski resort and want to take your child with you for the first time, you need to take care of special clothes. The Kid Passage  article details what to wear for a young skier to keep him warm and comfortable while skiing.


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