Turkey made a statement about the rejection of Russian tourists

Turkey made a statement about the refusal of Russian tourists

Ukraine continues to take a “position of arrogance” and make demands on Turkey that “go beyond diplomacy.” This is how Turkish experts and high-ranking officials in the local media commented on the latest statement by Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky to the Greek TV channel ERT, in which he called on Turkey to stop supporting Russian tourism and accused the country of double standards.

Recall that in his statement, the Ukrainian President of Ukraine called on the Turkish authorities to “make a choice.” “On the one hand, Turkey acts as a mediator and supports Ukraine with important steps, and on the other hand, we see, for example, the preparation of tourist routes at the same time. Especially for Russian tourism. We see it too. And I, as president, must say that this is impossible if we want to have friendly relations,” Mr. Zelensky said. He further added that “this is a double standard.” “That is why I draw Turkey's attention to this, I believe that this cannot be, because a choice must be made – are you for the truth or not,” the Ukrainian president added. Read the details with the comments of the Turkish side about Russian tourists at the link.

The Turkish authorities were outraged, firstly, by the very fact that the statement was made in Greece – with which Turkey, to put it mildly, has tense relations. In response to Zelensky's statement, MHP chairman Devlet Bahceli said: “It would be better if Zelensky trusted the Turkish people and not Greece.”

Secondly, the demands of the Ukrainians themselves did not receive any support in Turkey. Member of the Central Executive Council of the AKP (MKYK) Shamil Tayyar commented on the statement of the Ukrainian president as follows. “Zelensky is offended by Turkey for receiving Russian tourists. You demand from Turkey: send a UAV. Take in thousands of orphans. Deliver hundreds of relief trucks. Help in peace negotiations. And as a thank you, you pay by getting up and talking nonsense over the Greek channel…”.

Later, Ukrainian Ambassador to Ankara Vasily Bodnar said that the information in the Greek press was distorted. However, the Turkish media did not forget to remind that as early as March 3, this ambassador reacted to the meeting of the head of the Turkish Association of Travel Agencies Firuz Baglykaya with the Russian ambassador “in a language that does not comply with the rules of diplomacy”, urging travel agencies not to work with Turkey. Further, the Association of Travel Agencies of Ukraine joined this statement. However, where there is at least some prospect of earning foreign currency for Turkey and getting tourists, Turkish officials will obviously act in the interests of their countries.

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