Turkey says it will welcome not only Russian tourists, but also oligarchs

Turkey said they would welcome not only Russian tourists, but also oligarchs

Not only Russian tourists, but also Those wishing to “sit out” abroad during difficult times can visit Turkey: the country almost literally promised the Russian oligarchs a shelter from the imposed sanctions and confiscations of the West. Such a statement was made at the highest level – that Russian oligarchs “may come to Turkey” “if their actions do not violate international law,” said Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu himself.

The announcement was made at a session during the Transforming for a New Era forum in Doha, the capital of Qatar. “Right now, Russians can come to Turkey as tourists. no problem,” the head of the Turkish Foreign Ministry said to begin with. And then, answering the question: “Is it possible for Russian oligarchs to come to Turkey?” – Mr. Cavusoglu answered the following: “If the actions of the Russian oligarchs in Turkey do not violate international law”

“Our principled position is that we allow any activity that is legal in our country,” the Turkish Foreign Minister explained. He recalled that Turkey applies only sanctions established by the United Nations (UN).

“If a Russian citizen wants to visit Turkey, of course he can. If the work of Russian oligarchs in Turkey does not contradict international law, we are ready to accept them and work with them, but if not, then this is another matter,” the Turkish Foreign Minister added.

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