Turkey will create another airline to transport Russians

The second airline will be created in Antalya (Turkey), focused on delivering Russian tourists to Turkish resorts.

Turkey will create another one airline to transport Russians

According to Interfax, citing the Airporthaber portal, the new airline MGA Aviation received preliminary permission from the Turkish Civil Aviation Authority. For flights, the air carrier intends to use two Boeing 737-900 and two Boeing 777 aircraft.

It is reported that MGA Aviation is associated with the Russian charter carrier AZUR Air. The new airline plans to expand beyond the Russian market.

Earlier it became known about the creation of the Southwind company, which approximately from the end of May will start flying between Russian cities and resorts in Turkey.

Turkish government in early April, approved a three-stage roadmap to attract Russian tourists, which included a measure to create a new Turkish airline to charter Russians to resorts. This decision is due to the fact that in early March, Russian carriers were forced to suspend flights to Turkey due to EU and US sanctions.


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