Turkish hotel sealed off for draining faeces: tourists with suitcases put out on the street

Turkish hotel sealed for faeces dumping: tourists with suitcases put outside

Four-star hotel in Bodrum resort in Turkey sanitary authorities sealed for the discharge of feces into the waters of the Aegean Sea. Due to the revocation of the environmental certificate, the hotel can no longer continue to operate – tourists were put out on the street right with their suitcases.

According to Turkish tourism media, this is a 4-star Mio Bianco hotel located in the Akyarlar resort area. On September 9, in the afternoon, the gendarmerie and police department of Bodrum went to the hotel with a check. As a result, law enforcement officers found a discrepancy in the environmental reports on wastewater provided by the hotel administration.

While the gendarmerie took security measures nearby, the police sealed the rooms one by one. As a result, travelers who were resting at the hotel were left on the street with suitcases in their hands. Their stay in this hotel ended ahead of time. A few hours later, through the efforts of tour operators, vacationers began to be transported to other hotels.

Reference: Akyarlar is a resort on the Aegean coast of Turkey, popular among lovers of a relaxing holiday. Located about 15 km from bustling Bodrum. The sea is shallow in the bay, and the local sandy beach is considered one of the safest for families with children in the country.

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