Turkish hotels began to be threatened because of Russian tourists: hard blackmail began

Turkish hotels started to be threatened because of Russian tourists: hard blackmail has begun

Turkish resorts and hotels are threatened by “racist tourist frenzy”. This assessment of the situation was presented in the local media. Moreover, Russian tourists can become a victim of it, they add.

Hoteliers quote the following letters that began to come to them from Europe: “If Russians come to your hotel, we will not come, if we see Russians, we will boycott your hotel. And we will also write to friends in Germany and say don't go! Write that you are on the Ukrainian side, otherwise we will not return to you.”

At the same time, in general, hotels are ready not to succumb to blackmail, ignoring such threats. They advise their colleagues not to succumb to provocations. “There is a great temptation to write – do not come and do not stay, we still do not want tourists like you, so what to do. But such messages should never be answered, even out of courtesy,” they say in the travel press.

“We are given ultimatums that cannot be presented to any other country. But there must be a distance between the client and the rules of the business. Business should set boundaries for sane behavior, tourists should know that they cannot be violated,” Turkish experts emphasize. They add that the Turkish hotel business “is under pressure from evaluation platforms and operators” – in the event of a deliberate underestimation, which the “attacking” hotel or restaurant may well take, it may suffer.

“But the sector cannot endlessly bend before insane demands. We must take responsibility. If a business deserves respect, it must learn to draw boundaries,” Turkish businessmen emphasize.

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