Turkish luxury hotel chain's advertising money goes to alternative markets to replace Russians

Advertising money of a luxury Turkish hotel chain went to alternative markets to replace Russians

Turkish Rixos hotels, belonging to the luxury segment, ended up in predicament after the events that began on February 24, since their main guests were Russians and Ukrainians. However, in a short time after the start of the special operation, the Turks found alternative markets to replace the main tourist flow. Based on the statement of the top manager of the Rixos hotel chain, quoted by the Turkish media, these are the UK, Germany and the Middle East.

Speaking at the Berlin Ufarrota event, Yakup Aksoy explained the position of the hotel chain: “When the epidemic subsided, a new wonderful season began for us, but a conflict broke out between Russia and Ukraine. Meanwhile, these are two important and main markets for Turkey. After all, 60 percent of all our tourism comes from these two countries. As soon as the special operation of Russia began, we immediately began to switch the advertising campaign and entered alternative markets. We have focused on regions such as the UK, Germany and the Middle East. Since we had previous experience in these regions, we were able to adapt immediately. Against all odds, we have succeeded well beyond our expectations in the first days after February 24th. Currently, our theme parks such as
The Land Of Legends are already full. As of April, we have booked 85 percent of the rooms and villas. This figure is even higher than before the epidemic.”

According to the Turkish specialist, their hotel chain increased its business volume in Germany by 3.5 times. “Due to the special position of the German market, we have implemented a comprehensive promotion strategy called '360 degrees', including advertising in newspapers and magazines. Since 2019, we have been making large investments in the German market. We can see this both in our hotels in Dubai and in Bodrum,” he concluded.

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