Türkiye caught up in price with the Caribbean

Turkey equals at a price with the Caribbean

Turkey's tourism sector has become the center of attention of Russians and Europeans after a significant increase in the cost of recreation. As Turkish travel media cited Russian press reports, vacations in Turkey in 2023 equaled the price of exotic Caribbean resorts: vacation rates for two reached 200,000 rubles this summer.

According to the materials of the Izvestia newspaper, Turkish hotels and airlines have significantly increased their rates. Some of them increased their requests by 1.5 times, and in some cases the increase reached 3.5 times. The reason is inflation and anti-Russian air sanctions. Representatives of ATOR gave an example: a Russian family of four should be preparing to shell out at least 250,000 rubles from their budget in order to go on vacation to Turkey this summer – previously the most budgetary foreign destination in terms of price and quality. This year, the payment for such a holiday is comparable to tours dating from November-December last year to exotic destinations for our compatriots – the Caribbean or Sri Lanka. Although a comparative analysis of tariffs in May and June showed that most Turkish hotels of the 3 * category reduced prices by up to 40%, it turned out that the cost was lower than that offered under the early booking promotion. The Turks have moderated their appetite for German tourists, who were also outraged by offers for tours to Turkey (details here).

Despite this, the Association predicts that the number of Russian tourists who will visit Turkey this year will exceed the figures previous year. This is due to the lack of alternatives for recreation and the high popularity of the republic among Russian vacationers. Despite the increase in prices, Turkey continues to attract with its diverse recreational opportunities and comfortable conditions, however, a smaller circle of Russians. However, these tourists stay true to their destination and choose proven resorts in the tourist country.

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