Two more countries beloved by Russians in Europe have surrendered: all barriers to entry have been removed

Two more countries beloved by Russians in Europe surrendered: all barriers to entry were removed

Two more European countries, one of which is completely available to Russians without “air sanctions” and does not require visas, completely removed coronavirus restrictions on entry, surrendering under the onslaught of the global trend to cancel the pandemic. So, since May 3, Croatia and Serbia have replenished the number of “anti-coronavirus” bans at the borders.

As a result, tourists are no longer required to present a vaccination certificate, a certificate of illness or a negative PCR test at the border. At the same time, we recall that entry into Croatia for Russian tourists requires a visa – on a Schengen or local visa. Serbia does not require visas from Russian tourists. Moreover, it is the only country in Europe that has maintained air links with Russia.

Let us remind you that the previous “package” of lifting anti-coronavirus measures in European countries and not only “passed” on May 1. In particular, entry without certificates and tests was allowed by Bulgaria (details at the link) and Greece (details at the link). The truth is that tourists will have to get there “on the way”, for example, through Istanbul. On May 2, Switzerland also joined the countries that lifted restrictions.

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