UAE in April 2022: weather, our review and prices

UAE in April — 2022: weather, our review and prices

UAE is a relatively close country for the European part of Russia: just 5 hours on the plane and from the cold city you get to Dubai. But is it warm there in spring? Or is there another place where it is better to relax in the UAE in April? We will help you understand this article.

Rules for entry into the UAE (Dubai) for Russians in 2022

The current 2022, like the previous two years, dictates special requirements for travelers. The rules for entering Dubai have changed and now, in addition to the international passport:

  • A tourist over 12 years old must have a negative PCR testmade 48 hours before departure. Print it out, a screenshot is not accepted on the phone. The test is in English, a qar code on paper is not required.
  • An important condition is insurance with covid coverage. On Cherehap, such a policy costs from 400 rubles for a weekly trip.
  • Install applicationCOVID19 — DXB Smart App on your phone before departure.
  • After arrival, you must pass free retest, which, together with passport control, will take 20-30 minutes. The result will be known within a day – you will find out either via SMS, or in the application, or they will report directly to the hotel.

Vaccination certificate does not exempt from testing. The validity of the passport must be more than 6 months from the end date of the trip.

The weather in the UAE in April – is it worth going?

UAE in April — 2022: weather, our review and prices

April in the UAE is considered the golden mean between “oh, the unbearable sun” and “why is it so cold?”. In May, the Arabian heat will already come with marks of +40 ° C, and in March, a beach holiday still seems cool – the sea is so sure.

  • Therefore, coming to the UAE in April is the best solution for freezing people, and for those sensitive to the heat.

Wind is rare here, the sky is blue and the sea is warm at 26 degrees, and there are no rainy days at all.

Not about the weather, but important: Ramadan falls in April 2022. For this reason, the opening hours of public places are reduced for a couple of hours, mass entertainment events are banned. But most importantly, tourists are not allowed to eat and drink on the street. In cafe-restaurants and on terraces – you can (but do not be surprised if your table is fenced off from the eyes of the fasting people, as is customary).

Water and air temperature

Average temperatures in Dubai are +30°C during the day and +26°C at night. The weather in the UAE in April urges you to throw off your winter clothes at your home airport and take a jacket as much as possible from a warm one. In case you find yourself in a shopping center that dictates its weather conditions through the air conditioner.

The sea in the UAE in April will leave the warmest memories in every sense – by the middle of the month it will warm up to +25°C. Few? Here is a table that will help you easily navigate the weather and understand where it is better – or warmer – in the UAE in April (you can fry in the Emirate of Fujairah).

Average air and water temperature in the UAE in April, °C

Air temperature, ℃ Water temperature, ℃
at the beginning of April at the end of April
Dubai and Sharjah +30.5 +24 +26
Ras Al Khaimah +33 +24 +26
Abu Dhabi +32 +23 +27
Fujairah< /td>

+34 +25 +28

Where better to go to the UAE in April?

UAE in April — 2022: weather, our review and prices

Here such a panorama of Dubai opens from a boat tour
In detail about which emirate to choose for a holiday, if you are a country for the first time/with children/hipster/substitute your own, we talked about in a separate article about the resorts of the UAE. And here we briefly recall why and where it is better to go to the UAE in April.

1. Dubai

Of all the seven emirates, Dubai is the most populous and most visited, which is not surprising. It is here that the best beaches and hotels are located, and the scope of attractions thunders all over the world. Unlike other emirates, there is less Arabic flavor in Dubai: there are more foreigners than locals.

The most popular city in the UAE is visited for:

  • a beach holiday,< /li>
  • shopping
  • and entertainment.

Dubai is expensive, technologically advanced and pretentious. The richest people walk around the malls, the most expensive sports cars make noise on the roads, and the most luxurious goods are in stores. There is no need to mention the tallest building in the world, it is already visible from everywhere.

But you and I are also going for the sake of the sea, right? Therefore, together with the Burj Khalifa, I strongly advise you to add two beaches to the list: the brand new La Mer (La Mer) and the most family-friendly in the Dubai Marina area.

Note: our guide to areas of Dubai (where is it better to stay to swim in luxury, or vice versa – to be in time everywhere and spend as little as possible on a taxi).

2. Abu Dhabi

UAE in April — 2022: weather, our review and prices

The capital of the United Arab Emirates is not inferior in modernity to Dubai, but loses in attractiveness for tourists. This is due to the beaches, or rather, with a very modest choice of them. If you want to relax on a good beach in Abu Dhabi, you pay disproportionately more.

By the way, Abu Dhabi has its own entry rules: they only accept tourists vaccinated by Sputnik V with a PCR test 48 hours before departure, a free test upon arrival and another (!!) with tests on the 4th and 8th day of stay. Plus, to fly from Abu Dhabi to Russia, you also need a PCR test within 72 hours, that's the emirate's rule. Unvaccinated tourists will be subject to a 10-day quarantine.

The main attraction for which tourists make one-day raids on Abu Dhabi from other emirates is the Sheikh Zayed Mosque. It is good that for such a trip (for example, from Dubai to Abu Dhabi), only a certificate is required from the vaccinated, and only one PCR test from the unvaccinated 96 hours or less before arrival.

What take note:an excursion to Abu Dhabi with excellent reviews – only your company, a comfortable car and cheaper than with everyone on the bus ($250 for three).

3. Sharjah and Ajman

UAE in April — 2022: weather, our review and prices

Two tiny neighboring emirates next to Dubai. Tourists love them for stellar, but more adequately priced hotels. Moreover, most of them will gladly serve you on an all-inclusive basis, which is an unheard-of luxury for the same Dubai.

But someone specifically dislikes Sharjah for the “dry law”: there is no alcohol here at all. You can buy alcohol in Ajman, but it is located further from Dubai. In a word, for the sake of the saved rubles, you have to sacrifice something.

What to see in Sharjah and Ajman? Oceanarium, malls, beaches, An-Nur Mosque… there is nothing more. For family tourists with children, Sharjah and Ajman are also suitable – it's calm here, but young people will find it boring.

4. Ras Al Khaimah

UAE in April — 2022: weather, our review and prices

The most affordable tours lead exactly to Ras Al Khaimah – the northernmost emirate on the Persian Gulf.
Ras Al Khaimah is famous for the beauty of the beaches and tranquility (compared to the same Dubai). And Russian tourists love Ras Al Khaimah for alcohol in shops and all-inclusive hotels.

Note: a recommendation of a couple of cool hotels in Ras Al Khaimah — 5* Marjan Island Resort & Spa and 5* Rixos Bab Al Bahr.

5. Fujairah

Why go to Fujairah? For the sake of the Gulf of Oman, which is warmer than the Persian throughout the year. You can swim in April in the UAE everywhere, the temperature varies by 2-4 degrees, but it is in the resorts of Khorfakkan or Dibba that it is especially good at this time of the year.

There are not so many tourists from Europe, and you can often meet local rich and “experienced” travelers who know where it is warmer in the UAE in April.

Prices for tours in the UAE in April – 2022

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UAE in April — 2022: weather, our review and prices

To get acquainted with the prices and amounts that need to be set aside for the UAE, let's turn to tour aggregators – they have already asked tour operators what they have for April, and have selected all the most profitable:

  • Travelata
  • Level.Travel
  • Onlinetours

How much does a tour to the UAE cost?

Minimum holidays in the UAE in April it can cost between 50-55 thousand rubles for two for a week. But. This is if you fly in early April. At the end of the month, the bar rises to 60-65 thousand.

For the sake of interest:

  • A ticket to Dubai costs from 55,000 rubles
  • To Sharjah/Abu Dhabi/RAH — from 63,000 rubles
  • To Fujairah — from 60,000 rubles

— If we turn up our noses at city hotels and want at least by the beach, we can agree on 75–80,000 rubles in all emirates except Dubai. There are from 140 thousand.

– Tick the hotel on “all inclusive”? Then we observe a sharp rise in prices to 130,000 rubles for two for 7 nights. Also the “first line”? Here we are already preparing 135-140 thousand. And these are hotels in Fujairah, Sharjah or Ras Al Khaimah. Dubai on all inclusive and five steps from the sea is available at a price of 200,000 rubles and more.

Good hotels in Dubai according to tourists' reviews

There is one feature in the hotels of the United Arab Emirates, which I constantly forget about, and then on the spot I wonder why they demand more money from me? This is a tourist tax payable upon arrival. The tax is not included in the cost of the tour or booking. You have to pay extra for each day from 7 to 20 dirhams (145–415 rubles), depending on the category of the hotel. The only tax exempt emirate is Sharjah.

Of course, without this it is clear that holidays in the UAE in 2022 are not cheap. But in the Emirates they try to keep the service at a high level, so even a modest 3-star is not scary to go – with a high probability it will be a clean and modern room with good breakfasts.

I have compiled a selection of several good hotels in Dubai – with the calculation of the cost of staying for 7 nights for two.

  • 3* Al Khoory Executive Hotel – in addition to good reviews and a nice amount, a big plus of the hotel is the attentive staff . In addition, this is the most inexpensive hotel in relative proximity to the best La Mer beach in Dubai! But there is also a minus: the relative proximity is 20 minutes on foot. It may seem a bit far in the April sun.
    Tour price: from 65,000 rubles
  • 4* DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel and Residences Dubai is a personally verified recommendation: the hotel is located 5 minutes from the large shopping center Mall of the Emirates, where the metro station is located, equidistant from both Burj Khalifa and Dubai Marina. There is a free shuttle to Jumeirah Beach (not the most impressive, we went every day to the Marina), and the hotel itself has an outdoor pool and sauna. Breakfast is a varied buffet, the rooms are clean.
    Tour price: from 90,000 rubles
  • 4 * Millennium Place Barsha Heights – very similar to the previous hotel, only new. You can sunbathe by the pool overlooking two skyscrapers or ride the metro to Dubai Marina.
    Tour price: from 95,000 rubles
  • < li>4* Ramada by Wyndham Dubai Deira is a chain hotel with clean rooms, good internet and several supermarkets nearby. The metro is right next to the hotel, there is a restaurant on the ground floor. On the one hand, it is very close to the airport, on the other hand, the hotel cannot even be called a “beach” hotel. It is in the middle of a noisy residential area, where you can save a lot on food at the expense of inexpensive cafes.
    Tour price: from 80,000 rubles

    < li> 3 * Rove La Mer Beach – 3 stars at a price more expensive than the “four”? This is such a surcharge for walking distance to the popular beach and sea views. Also included is a private pool with sun loungers and umbrellas and a varied buffet.
    Tour price: from 130,000 rubles

Yes, there are no classic beach hotels among the hotels – this is worth like space in Dubai (as we saw on the example of the last “three-ruble note”). Tourists save money like this:

  • choose those hotels that are far away, because they provide a free daily shuttle to the nearest beach;
  • or leave the idea of ​​a hotel and rent an apartment in Dubai Marina next to the beach at Booking – a week in April will cost from 60,000 rubles. Plus, flights.

What to do in April in the UAE (Dubai)?

UAE in April — 2022: weather, our review and prices

What to do?.. like flying in a helicopter!
April is the last mild month in Dubai, when the temperature still allows you to spend a lot of time in the open sun, and the stuffiness did not force you to hide in the mall in the morning until night.

Let's start with what you are most likely to go to Dubai for – beaches. The best beaches in Dubai are:

– La Mer. Free brand new beach where you can spend the whole day. The territory is well-maintained, restaurants are scattered along the shore, an order from which you can even take out directly to a sun lounger, which will cost 120 dirhams (2500 rubles).
— Al Mamzar. Paid beach, the entrance to which costs 5 dirhams (105 rubles) for a backpacker. The beach and the park are not far from Sharjah city, but still in Dubai.

UAE in April — 2022: weather , our review and prices

In Dubai itself, there are also must-see attractions. In the first place, of course, Burj Khalifa– the tallest building in the world! It costs a hefty $45 to go upstairs (personal tip: book tickets online at the official GetYourGuide seller, as well as tickets to all water parks/helicopter/zipline, etc.). But the fountains near the skyscraper are completely free. In the evening hours (18:00) a grandiose light show begins here.

Dubai is a city where everything is the best. Dubai Mallalso holds the title – the largest shopping center in the world. And if shopping doesn't surprise you, what about a huge underwater aquarium or an indoor ski resort? In another shopping center, namely in the Mall of the Emirates, there is one of the largest indoor ski slopes – Ski Dubai.

You can appreciate Dubai architecture in the Bastakiya area > or Dubai Marina. And if the first is history in the flesh, then the second is modernity with its chic.

Families with children will love the Wild Wadi Water Park, Flower Garden and Butterfly Garden exhibitions. The water park fantasizes about Sinbad's travels and also has the status of the very best, or rather, the wave pool is the largest in the Middle East.

You should not limit yourself to the sights located in the city – go on a safari- desert tour. You can find a suitable tour on the Russian-language tour services:

  • Sputnik8
  • Tripster

I advise lovers of gastronomic travel visit:
Awtar. You will find yourself in a real fairy tale. The restaurant's tent hosts belly dancing and musical performances. The menu contains only national Lebanese cuisine, which will be especially remembered. The prices are not the lowest, but the show and the service are worth it.
Al Hadheerah. Another colorful restaurant, but this time under the open sky. It is located far from the city and is suitable for a purposeful dinner in a real desert.
Treehouse Dubai. If after a hard day on the beach you want to have a drink with a view of Dubai at night, welcome to the Treehouse Lounge Bar. The bar staff speaks Russian and helps you choose a cocktail.
Counter Culture Café. From the numerous rave reviews about this cafe, it became clear that the best breakfasts with poached eggs and avocados are made here. A relatively inexpensive cafe located in the Dubai Mariott Harbor hotel.

UAE in April — 2022: weather, our review and prices

And finally, for those who do not sleep, I advise you to visit 1 OAK is a network club in the heart of Dubai, or Soho Garden DXB with several themed rooms for every taste. Even if you are not a fan of nightclubs, make an exception for the club capital of the Middle East.

Is it worth going to Dubai (UAE) in April? My opinion and reviews of tourists

UAE in April — 2022: weather, our review and prices

Should I go to Dubai in April? Yes, it's worth it. See the sights without overheating, sunbathe, swim – dilute the April dullness, in the end.

The UAE in April is the best destination available, where it's hot, but you don't need to fly 10+ hours. In Turkey and even in Egypt, it is still cool or windy at this time.

Pros and cons

+ Is it possible to swim in April in Dubai? Of course, yes – at least all day long.
+ Lack of rain, comfortable weather and outdoor temperatures.
+ The best period for a beach holiday without sunburn and heat stroke.
+ Direct flights from many Russian cities.

– By the end of the month the temperature will jump over +40, and it will become impossible to be on the beach.
– The main disadvantage of the UAE is the prices. Expensive.
— From April 2, 2022, Ramadan begins and lasts until May. You can’t eat or drink on the street, and this is taken seriously.
— Even a vaccination certificate will not save you from PCR tests.
— A strict mask regime and heavy fines for disobedience.

Tourist reviews about Dubai in April, they convince you to fly to the country this very month. April weather allows you to fully experience the Emirates and local entertainment.


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