UAE in April: a truly warm welcome

A pleasant hot summer ends in the resorts of the Emirates in April. Then the unbearably hot summer will come, with the scorching sun, with the air temperature going wild. In the meantime – while you can sunbathe, swim, walk, spend time in water parks and on excursions.

If April is not too generous with warmth at home, and you really want to warm up after a long winter, spend a vacation in the UAE. How to plan a trip, calculate expenses and organize family entertainment, the Kidpass review will tell.

UAE in April: a really warm welcome

Relaxing in UAE in April: pros and cons

Are there many reviews about holidays in the UAE in April? Unimaginably many – because people really like the period between windy winters with stormy seas and scalding hot summers. Everyone praises the weather, and besides it, other merits are also noted:

  • calm, very warm sea – children are ready to splash around for hours;
  • relatively few people – this is especially noticeable on spacious beaches;
  • excellent beach infrastructure – everywhere ready to receive vacationers;
  • moderate housing prices – the closer to May, the cheaper hotels and apartments;
  • varied program – from animation at the hotel to sightseeing trips;
  • easy luggage – you won't need warm clothes on vacation.

There are no significant consof a trip to the UAE in April. Flights and package holidays may rise in price a little, but we are not talking about large amounts. Rest cannot be called completely secluded, but a lot depends on the resort: Dubai is always crowded, there is no fuss in Ras al-Khaimah.

We have selected several different options for where to relax in the UAE in April. They differ in character, set of features and prices, and they have only one thing in common – good weather conditions.

Weather in the UAE in April

For those who love the sun, sea and warmth, the weather in April-May at the resorts of the Emirates will be the best gift. The winter wind subsides, the days are clear, the temperature + 30-35 ° C with low humidity does not cause problems, and the water almost equals the temperature with the air. In the summer, the coast becomes sweltering, the humidity rises, and the heat seems exhausting.

The weather in early April is already quite hot, and there is no coolness at night. The sea is much warmer than in March, and certainly warmer than, say, in the Canary Islands during the high season.

The weather in the UAE at the end of April does not change significantly, but the air temperature rises and the water becomes almost hot.

The peculiarity of the climate of the Arabian Peninsula – sand storms. They rarely cause serious problems, but it is possible that, having arrived in the UAE in April with a child, you will spend a day or two in the hotel building. In order not to get bored, pick up a hotel with a games room and a mini-club, or bring along road games, coloring books, puzzles.

Air and water temperature

In the tropical desert climate of the Emirates, there are several gradations of heat . In winter, the heat is moderate, in summer it is simply unbearable, and in the middle of spring and late autumn the resorts are very comfortable.

  Day Night Water

Abu Dhabi

+32.6°C +26.2°C +25.9°C
Dubai +31.6°C +26.5°C +25.5°C
Sharjah +31.6°C +26.5°C; C +25.5°C
Ras el Heim +33.2°C +25.5°C +25.6°C

Daytime air temperature in the UAE in April does not fall below +25°C, but more often stays at +30°C and above. Night temperature ranges from +21°С to +30°С.

The water temperature in the United Arab Emirates in April rises very quickly. At the beginning of the month it is +23-25°C, in the middle +25-27°C, and closer to May the water is already warmed up to +28-29°C.

Is it possible to swim

UAE in April: a really warm welcome

Is it nice to swim in the UAE in April? Oh yeah. If you arrive in early April, then the sea can hardly be called invigorating. But the water is getting warmer day by day, and many tourists prefer to swim more than sunbathe.

All the beaches where they swim in April are put in order, all the infrastructure works, and water activities are available. Please note that after sunset you can spend time on the beach, but swimming is strictly prohibited.

Beach break

In winter, a trip to the UAE is often devoted to walking. But in the middle of spring, a beach holiday comes to the fore. April – almost the last month before the unbearable heat will cover the country. The weather suitable for sunbathing will return only in October.

In the Emirates, most of the beaches belong to hotels, they are always well-maintained, and often simply luxurious. The cleanest, safest, most equipped beaches are marked with “blue flags”. Such a banner above the shore serves as a sign of quality: it means that the owners of the beach comply with all international standards.

Awarded with the “blue flag” Dubai and Abu Dhabi have the most beaches.

For hotel guests, the use of the beach is free of charge. Public beaches are free for everyone, but the infrastructure there is very modest, there may be restrictions on recreation for men or on the wearing of open bathing suits.

Where to go in the UAE in April to enjoy the sea and the sun? All resorts have their own set of advantages.

Abu Dhabi

 UAE in April: a truly warm welcome

The country's main city rarely serves as a good place for a beach holiday, but Abu Dhabi has everything for a family vacation at sea. Additional pluses – an international airport near the capital, upscale hotels on the first line and plenty of entertainment.

The beginning of April at the resort is already quite hot. +26-32°C during the day, +21-25°C at night, and it can be expected that soon the daytime temperature will overcome +35°C. The weather is almost always sunny, the wind speed is lower than in March and averages 4.6 m/s. The water temperature in the Persian Gulf rises from +24-25°C to +27-29°C in a month.

The beaches in Abu Dhabi are ideal for kids: the coast is covered with soft sand, the bottom is flat, the water is clear, there are no waves. But adults can be upset that the place of rest is often located on the shore of the strait, and one of the islands closes the view of the sea. however, you will need to bring your own mat, umbrella, food and drinks. And for those who do not sit idle on the beach, we recommend the islands of Yas and Futaisi, where there are conditions for water sports.

Hotels in Abu Dhabi are distinguished by a high level of service, so parents with children stay not only in the “fours”; and «fives», but also in "threes". Apartment hotels with fully equipped kitchens are also very popular. All inclusive is rather an exception, usually only breakfast is included in the room price. Services for children in family hotels – mini club, games room, swimming pool, baby cot and high chair, children's menu

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UAE in April: a really warm welcome

This resort is even more famous than the capital. Luxurious, tempting, pampering – it attracts tourists and generously endows them with impressions.

With the advent of April, the daytime air temperature in Dubai rises to + 26-36 ° C, at night it is + 22-30 ° C. The sea is already warmed up to + 25-27 ° C by mid-April. The average wind speed is 4.4 m/s. The weather is mostly sunny, there is no rain.

Dubai's private beaches are well equipped. The main thing for relaxing with kids – sun protection, soft sand, flat bottom, smooth depth gain. For older children there are playgrounds and water activities. For outdoor enthusiasts – diving and windsurfing stations.

Comfortable conditions are also created on many public beaches, although there are always many more vacationers.

One of the main advantages of Dubai when traveling with children – an abundance of entertainment. The local water parks and amusement parks will amaze even those who travel a lot. Moreover, there are indoor entertainment centers where you can spend the hottest hours.

The resort is famous for its family hotels, where all the amenities for young guests are created. If you're looking for a lazy break, the mini club, playroom and pool with slides will keep your little one entertained.

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UAE in April: a really warm welcome

If the – choose a resort with beautiful beaches, cozy hotels and reasonable prices, we recommend going to Sharjah. It is located next to Dubai, which means that the international airport and the best entertainment of the UAE will be close at hand.

In the middle of spring, the weather in the emirate of Sharjah is dry, sunny and hot. During the day, thermometers show + 26-36 ° C, at night + 22-30 ° C, the water temperature very quickly reaches + 26-27 ° C. Average wind speed 4.4 m/s.

The beaches of Sharjah stretch along the open coast. In winter, there are often high waves, but in April the sea is usually calm. However, you will have to take into account the tide schedule.

It is best to relax on the beaches of hotels: they are well-maintained and there are no requirements for clothes. But on public beaches, women are required to wear closed clothes.

The resort is good for a relaxing family holiday. Although there are few options for leisure activities, it is pleasant to spend time with younger children in the parks, where there are playgrounds protected from the sun. Great place for a walk – the Al Qasba canal promenade, where street performers perform in the evenings.

The choice of accommodation in Sharjah is large, but we advise you to study the reviews before booking. Often hotels overestimate the star rating, while the service is disappointing. Verified family hotels can be found on the Kid Passage website.

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Ras Al Khaimah

UAE in April: a really warm welcome

If to get to Ras Al Khaimah from Dubai Airport, the road will take at least an hour. Reasons to travel so far – peace and all inclusive.

The climate in this emirate is a little hotter, so the trip can not be postponed until the end of April. Already at the beginning of the month, the daytime temperature reaches +27-36°C, at night +20-28°C. The water in the Persian Gulf manages to warm up to +26-27°C, although sometimes in the first days of April it is only +23-24°C. The average wind speed is 3.6 m/s.

Sandy beaches have everything you need to relax, comfort is mainly taken care of by hotels. As in Sharjah, the ebb and flow of the – their schedule is usually posted in hotels. The sea in spring is calm, clean, safe for children.

Unlike Dubai with its dozens of attractions, Ras Al Khaimah is focused on passive recreation. Children can run around in parks and playgrounds, but there are no other opportunities to organize leisure activities. Curious tourists can go on excursions, and Dubai is easily accessible via the Emirates Highway.

Resort hotels are praised for their high level of service, and even in the “triples” comfortable to stay with children. Not many hotels are positioned as family hotels, but you can count on basic services for parents with babies.

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Sightseeing holidays

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UAE in April: a really warm welcome

The UAE is not always considered as a destination for excursions, and in vain. There are many interesting things to be found both in seaside resorts and in regions remote from the sea.

For example, in Dubai with children, you can visit the city aquarium and The Lost Chambers underwater museum. The underwater fauna is mysterious, and the impression of getting to know the underwater world is enhanced by lighting and decorations.

Abu Dhabi also has the opportunity to learn more about the nature of the Arabian Peninsula. Flamingos live on the island of Sir Bani Yas, and turtles come to lay their eggs on the shore. In the mangrove reserve, instead of walking alleys – water: excursions are by boat.

In Sharjah, the Arabian Wildlife Center is worth a visit. Animals roam freely there, in their familiar environment, and visitors watch them from the air-conditioned building of the center.

There is a pearl museum in Ras al-Khaimah. It boasts a collection of pearls of various shapes, colors, and sizes, but you can also learn about the work of pearl divers and why pearls are so valuable.

A reason to go inland – oasis of Al Ain with archaeological sites, mountain landscapes and amazing gardens in the middle of the desert. Al Ain Central Park is blooming and fragrant, although the air temperature is getting higher every day. There is a large playground, and the park also includes the Hili Fun City entertainment center.

Entertainment for children

 UAE in April: a truly warm welcome

The Emirates are stunning in scope. This is evident even in amusement parks: there are not just the best carousels and roller coasters, but also themed zones, monumental scenery, grandiose shows. Moreover – some parks have a huge territory, but at the same time they are located in a room where the heat is not felt.

This is what Warner Bros World park in Abu Dhabi looks like. Toddlers are happy to get into the cartoon world, and older children tend to spend time in the company of Batman and Superman.

Part of the attractions of the Ferrari World Abu Dhabi park is located in the open air. The atmosphere here is such that even people who are indifferent to auto racing suddenly feel the excitement and desire to race at great speed along a difficult track.

The most famous place in Dubai – Legoland park. It is unusual that it includes a children's water park.

Three more Dubai parks deserve a visit: Img Worlds of Adventure, Motiongate and Bollywood Parks. Each of them has a territory for the youngest visitors and stunning attractions for adults.

The same scope is inherent in water parks. After visiting Yas Waterworld (Abu Dhabi) or Aquaventure (Dubai), other water amusement parks may seem dull and boring. And Al Ain Adventure water park is not just interesting with water slides – here you can try kayaking, rafting and windsurfing.

DreamLand Water Park in Umm Al Quwain is not so big, but it is easily accessible from Sharjah and Ras Al Khaimah. What's nice is that there are two great entertainment areas for kids.

If you need to spend a few hours hiding from the burning sun, indoor play centers are suitable. Almost all resorts have these.

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Holidays, events and festivals< /h2>

The list of holidays in the UAE in April changes from year to year, because it depends on the Muslim calendar. For example, the month of fasting Ramadan and its completion – Eid-al-Fitr, which is celebrated on a large scale.

It is curious, but Christian holidays also have a place. Dubai is organizing a festive program for Easter, one of the points of which is – looking for eggs.

April's major events undoubtedly include Global Village Dubailand.

Shopping – by no means its main component: attractions, family entertainment, acquaintance with the culture and traditional cuisine of other countries come first. The fair starts in autumn and closes at the end of April.

Before the trip, you should study the information on the tourist sites of the resorts. There are dates of concerts, exhibitions, sporting events. For example, you can read about Festival at Al Marmoom Heritage Village. It lasts two weeks, so that visitors can learn about crafts and everyday life, about various rituals, about dances and the intricacies of cooking. Mandatory item of the festival – camel race.

Vacation prices

UAE in April: a really warm welcome

One thing can be said about prices in the UAE in April: it is profitable to relax in the middle of spring. This is especially noticeable in hotel offers, it is easy to find a ready-made tour at a nice price.

Air tickets

Compared to March, ticket prices to Dubai or Abu Dhabi rise by 2-5% . Meanwhile, demand in April is noticeably declining. In May, the cost of flights increases by at least 20%.


Despite the favorable weather conditions, accommodation in the resorts is 15-20% cheaper than in March. There are fewer vacationers, so hotels reduce the cost. In May, prices practically do not change.

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The price of long-term tours in April is about the same as a month earlier. But a trip for 3-7 nights can rise in price by 5-10%.


 UAE in April: a truly warm welcome

Stay at an all-inclusive hotel, eat at a hotel restaurant for a fee, live in an apartment and cook on your own or visit catering establishments – all of these options are available in the UAE.

Plan your budget on the basis that a meal in a street kiosk will cost from 5 to 25 dirhams, in a cafe for local – about 30 dirhams, in a mid-range restaurant – 80 dirhams, you can leave a few hundred dirhams in upscale establishments.

Prices in supermarkets are not too high, the choice of products, including baby food, is very large. All resorts have budget and more expensive supermarkets.

Fruits in the UAE are sold year-round, but much is imported from other countries. In April, it is the season of local strawberries (6 dirhams) and watermelons (4-6 dirhams per 1 kg), mangosteen (30 dirhams) and grapes (from 12 dirhams) of a new crop are already on sale, and bananas (7 dirhams) can be bought at any season.

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In reviews of holidays in the UAE in April, the Abu Dhabi Spring Shopping Festival is often mentioned. It lasts a whole month, covers the largest shopping malls of the capital and includes, among other things, a cultural and entertainment program. It is always an opportunity to profitably buy things from world famous brands, jewelry, gadgets.

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  • < /ul>

    In the markets, too, you can make a bargain. For example, it is worth taking a closer look at fabrics and home textiles. They also buy dates, oriental delicacies, spices, coffee. However, please note that all products must be in their original packaging for shipping.

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    Recommendations for traveling with children

    Vacation in the UAE in April with children – pleasure, if you do not forget about safety. It takes minimal effort to make everything work out.

    1. You can't be in the sun without a protective cream and hats. If children like to swim for a long time, choose a waterproof product. Reapply a layer of protective cream every two hours.
    2. In the spring, you already need to dose your stay on the beach. Optimal time – before 11 am and after 4 pm.
    3. For walks and excursions, it is best to wear clothing that covers the body. It will protect the skin from the sun, create comfort in air-conditioned rooms and protect against problems in public places.
    4. Be sure to wash vegetables and fruits, tap water is fine for this. Use only bottled water to drink.
    5. New dishes and foods can cause indigestion. Take along sorbents, rehydration products, as well as antidiarrheals, antibiotics and enzyme preparations recommended by your doctor.

    A travel first aid kit is a must when traveling, especially if you are traveling with a child. However, in some cases, urgent medical attention is needed, and for this, tourists take out insurance. Read Kidpassage's article about what services are covered by insurance and how to use it abroad – this will save you from unnecessary worries.


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