Up to 45%: hotel prices began to fall, the reason is named

Up to 45%: hotel prices began to fall, reason given

Russian tourists have not justified the inflated expectations of the tourist industry: hotels in Russian resorts are forced to reduce prices, and this applies to the most popular resorts in the South of Russia. The reasons for this are the closure of airports in the south of Russia, primarily in the Crimea, a drop in income during the crisis, and, as Kommersant experts assure, “an increase in the general anxiety of citizens.” As a result, as tour operators said, hoteliers, who raised prices for the high season in March, are now forced to reduce them – and the decline ranges from 15% to 45%.

As Sergei Romashkin, the general director of the Dolphin tour operator, told Kommersant, in March-April the average price tag in 3 * hotels in Russian resorts was 15-16% higher, at the moment the price increase is only 4-5%. Hotels counted on an increase in demand due to closed foreign destinations, the expert notes, but this did not happen – as soon as the cashback program ended, Sergey Romashkin noted, booking activity decreased by an average of 20% by 2021, which was a record year. The expert recalled that the logistics of the southern tours has become much more complicated: the airport of Simferopol, as well as Anapa and Gelendzhik, is closed, and the route to Sochi has noticeably lengthened. Crimea, according to Sergei Romashkin, has already lost about 50% of summer bookings.

The OneTwoTrip service, in turn, recorded that the cost of accommodation in June-August in hotels in Sochi, Krasnaya Polyana, Yalta, Caucasian Mineralnye Vody and Kaliningrad is now 10-45% lower than in March. Moreover, the prices of the most expensive resorts, primarily the Crimean ones, have been significantly lowered. The average cost of accommodation in Yalta in June-August is now 3.9 thousand rubles, which is 45% lower than in March-April. Yandex.Travel notes a 15% decrease in the check for a month and a half in Feodosia (up to 4.2 thousand rubles) and Sevastopol (up to 4.4 thousand rubles). In turn, in Sochi, the average cost of accommodation for the summer is 2.8 thousand rubles. per night, which is 25% less than in March, in Krasnaya Polyana – 3.2 thousand rubles. (reduction by 36%).

Interestingly, the reduction in the cost of accommodation in hotels is mainly recorded in the resorts. In sightseeing places, prices remain the same or grow by 10-15%. Recall that according to Yandex.Travel, the average check for placement in Kazan increased by 16%, to 5.3 thousand rubles, in St. Petersburg – 12%, to 5.9 thousand rubles.

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