US tourism demanded that the White House lift all restrictions on American tourists

US tourism demanded that the White House lift all restrictions on American tourists

The US Travel Association demanded to end the epic of “covid restrictions” in a letter to the new White House COVID-19 response coordinator, Dr. Ashish Jha. Experts are calling for the lifting of “travel advice, requirements and restrictions” in the era of the pandemic and the resumption of travel fully and freely. Experts recalled that the governments of Great Britain and Canada have already taken similar actions to ease the remaining restrictions on travelers.

“The vast majority of federal pandemic-induced travel regulations are still in place. While the public health benefit of this policy has now been greatly diminished, and the economic impact continues to grow,” US experts say, adding that in 2021, business travel spending was 56% below 2019 levels, and international travel spending were 78% below 2019 levels.

“Given the slow recovery of the travel economy, and in light of improving U.S. public health and medical advances,” the association urges the government official “to prioritize the removal of travel requirements and set clear deadlines and targets for when others will be cancelled.”

The following recommendations are issued:

  • Remove the requirement for pre-departure testing immediately on all fully vaccinated arriving international flights.
  • By April 18, remove the federal mandate to use masks on public transportation.
  • Stop using “avoid travel” advice and use travel bans.
  • Work with other countries to normalize travel conditions and entry requirements.
  • By June 1, develop milestones and timelines for transition to a new normal that will lift pandemic-related travel restrictions.

“Send a clear message to the American public and the world that it is safe to travel again, especially for vaccinated people,” American experts cry out. It's time for the administration to lead the country to new normals for travel and a faster path to a full and even economic recovery, they add.

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