Uzbekistan, Turkey and Armenia are among the leaders in bookings for the May holidays

According to the sales data of the travel and travel service, among foreign destinations among independent air travelers during the May holidays, Uzbekistan is the most popular, where about 20% of tickets are issued. The average check for a flight to this country is 16,628 rubles one way.    

Uzbekistan, Turkey and Armenia — are among the leaders in bookings for May holidays

In second place is Turkey with 11.3% of bookings (these are independent travelers, not package tours). For a ticket to Turkey, they pay an average of 23,107 rubles one way. Armenia closes the top three most popular foreign destinations, a one-way flight costs an average of 15,386 rubles. Also in the top 10 in terms of demand from those who fly abroad are Kyrgyzstan, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Israel, Georgia and Greece. Analysts at noticed that the share of foreign bookings of air tickets for the May holidays is about 11%, almost four times more than a year earlier. Thus, the share of flights abroad among independent travelers is gradually recovering. From Russian airlines, according to, Azimuth, Aeroflot, IrAero, Rossiya, Ural Airlines, Nordwind Airlines, Red Wings, S7 and Utair are currently flying abroad. The list of CIS airlines operating flights, as well as the list of available destinations, can be found at the link (the material is being updated).


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