Venezuela plans to start accepting MIR cards

Venezuela is negotiating with Russia regarding the possibility of using MIR payment system cards by Russian tourists.

Venezuela plans to start accepting MIR cards

According to the parties, permission to use MIR cards by Russian tourists will allow restoring the flow of tourists between the two countries. The measure is being considered among other options that would enable Russians to purchase goods and services while traveling in Venezuela.

means of payment, like the MIR card, and using all possible elements that will allow Russian tourists to visit Margarita Island and other regions of Venezuela. That is why we are here,”, TASS quotes the words of the Minister of Tourism of Venezuela, Ali Padron.

In addition, the prospect of creating a mechanism for interaction between tour operators of Venezuela and Russia, using which they will be able to make payments on the platform Russian-Venezuelan bank Eurofinance Mosnarbank.


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