Vipservice launches a new business lounge access program

Vipservice Holding announces the launch of a flagship program for access to business lounges. Vipservice Pass provides its members with premium service at airports in Russia and around the world.

Vipservice launches a new business lounge access program

Vipservice Pass offers the convenience and comfort of airports and helps members reimagine their travel experience. Today, there is an increased demand among corporate customers and bank customers for a unified premium service program at airports with access to business lounges due to the suspension of work on the territory of the Russian Federation by one of the largest operators.

“Vipservice Holding has been developing the Vipservice Pass project since autumn 2021. This is a completely Russian program that provides access to the business lounges of airports in our country and, as covid restrictions are eased, will expand to the international level. It is noteworthy that Vipservice Pass is built on the technology of dynamic QR codes, which provides high security to users and mobility,” emphasizes Dmitry Gorin, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Vipservice Holding.

Travel experience management is a whole ecosystem in which important points of contact are the airport itself, shopping in duty free, using logistics services and even ordering food in restaurants. “By providing modern and technologically advanced access to business lounges, based on advanced IT solutions, the long-term partnership history of the Vipservice holding and well-established customer service, we expand the possibilities for any category of passengers, whether it be a private or corporate client, and enrich the experience of each trip,” – Dmitry Gorin comments.


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