We must boycott Turkey: MP urged tourists to abandon Turkish resorts

We must boycott Turkey: MP urged tourists to abandon Turkish resorts

In Finland, which has officially applied to join NATO, Center Party MP Mikko Karna called on Finnish tourists to boycott Turkish resorts, Turkish tourism media reported.

After President Erdogan's statements on the issue of Finland and Sweden joining the bloc A NATO official appealed to fellow citizens with the following appeal: “Everyone should boycott Turkey until it agrees to accept Finland and Sweden as NATO members.”

However, the deputy did not stop at this and turned to his fellow citizens with a proposal not to go to Turkish restaurants/kebabs, and also not to use Turkish cars. In his opinion, the boycott should be maintained until Turkey approves Finland's membership in NATO.

“No one believes that Turkey will prevent Finland from joining NATO, this is President Recep Tayyip Erdogan's game. The Turkish leader is making this strange move because of problems in his country's domestic politics and a terrible economic situation that is draining his popularity,” the official's press service explained.

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