We periodically fall into shock: a Russian tourist revealed why he began to go crazy in India

We periodically fall into shock: a Russian tourist revealed, because why he started to go crazy in India

A Russian tourist came to India and began to go crazy from the shocking situation: the smell of slops, the “skeletons” of people on the streets, naked locals taking water procedures in front of others. On the Yandex.Zen channel, the traveler spoke about the “madhouse” he saw in India.

“We are in India for the first time, so from the first minute she began to shock us. I remember this smell of slop when we just left the Mumbai airport. Then tuk-tuk drivers attacked us, and right on the run, touching either me or the girl, they begged to sit in their boxes. But we successfully sent everyone away politely, and turned into the first lane from the airport – and there is just some kind of devilry. It was terribly hot, it was night, there were few street lamps, so we could not clearly see the skeletons of people right under our feet. Thin people slept right on the pavement. And this cannot but shock when you are such a “white tourist” came to the “madhouse,” the young man described the first impression.

However, his surprise at the customs and mores of the Indians did not end there. According to him, he often saw how people wash without embarrassment right on the street: they undress, soap and wash off the foam with water from a bucket. “Why does a woman or a man consider bathing his dirty body for prying eyes to be absolutely normal ?! Who can convince me? Probably an Indian who knows exactly the answer to this question, but he is unlikely to understand what I am asking him. Because it's normal for them. When an aunt, without embarrassment, lathers her hair, and then transfers the foam to her chest. If you come closer at this moment – I wonder if a woman will understand that I just saw everything that all of humanity so carefully hides? Or will she continue to soap up? he thought.

In addition, the tourist was shocked that the locals walk around with greasy hair. “There is an unbearable heat outside, plus dust from transport, terrible smog, which is why the heads of Indians get so dirty. However, I later found out that it was not sebum or dirt. This is the oil that they constantly rub into their hair, – said the tourist and added that the locals, as a rule, use coconut oil for their procedures. – Their head looks very unpleasant, you can’t even stroke a boy’s head – it is in this unpleasant oil … people go to work, to a date, to a wedding with such oily hair. Just a shock.”

What else did the author notice? A life hack on how to drink a whole minibus from one bottle without worrying about bacteria.

“We have long noticed such an unusual Indian pattern – when people drink from a bottle, they do not touch the neck … At first I paid attention to this, but didn't matter. We were traveling on an intercity bus and there 14 people drank from one bottle. What a news! And no one disdained, because none of them touched this one bottle, they simply poured water into their mouths from a distance. Then I became convinced that this is education. So that people can drink from one vessel, the main rule is not to touch this vessel with your lips! Therefore, people drink soda, lifting the bottle above their face. Looks very strange. And I saw this only in India,” the traveler concluded his story about the oddities in the Asian country.

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