We were treated like second-class citizens: tourists reported a nightmarish treatment in a hotel in a popular resort

A couple of elderly foreign tourists claim they were treated like “second class people” while staying at a five-star hotel in Mexico after contracting the coronavirus.

As the Express newspaper explained, we are talking about British travelers who managed to relax in this Caribbean country for only two days in June 2022. On the third day, they responsibly informed the staff of the RIU Palace Pacifico hotel about their positive tests, to which they were told to stay in their rooms until the end of the holiday. The couple claims they spent 11 nightmarish days in isolation and during that time the staff refused to clean their room in the 40-degree heat. As it turned out later, the staff did not have any protocol to act in this situation.

Tourists complained that they were put under the door “cold as a stone” dishes. In addition, they did it belatedly and often did not bring what the tourists ordered at all. They also reported that the key to their room was locked so they couldn't get out.

According to the traveler, the staff did not sympathize with their situation, and the couple had to literally fight for everything they asked for, and throughout the entire ordeal called vacation. “When we remember being stuck in that hotel room, we get physically sick. What should have been a relaxing getaway with our friends after some hard years turned into a nightmare and the way we were treated was disgusting,” she complained.

The British claimed that during for eleven days they were forced to stay locked up in unbearable heat. The staff showed up every day to replenish the mini-fridge with soft drinks, but although there were spirits in the mini-bar in the room, they were not allowed to drink wine with dinner.

“They didn't care about us at all. As if we didn't exist. Every request I made was denied for one reason or another and every meal was challenging as we never knew what would be served. They turned off our room key at the beginning of our lockdown so we really felt like we were imprisoned and the manager told us that if we left the room we would be evicted. The room was unbearably hot and the food most of the time was inedible because it was too overcooked.
And they had such a ridiculous made-up policy that we weren't allowed to drink wine, which didn't make any sense at all since there were four bottles of liquor hanging over the fridge. At some points, we just wanted to drink a glass of wine, but we couldn’t even do that!” – added the indignant woman.

According to her, the room was not cleaned at all. In order not to live in the dirt, she had to call her friends who were vacationing in the same hotel to go to the supermarket, buy cleaning products for them and leave them at the door.

All this time, the woman had a hard time covid and suffered from claustrophobia caused by being in the same room for several days. She claims to have seen rooms in the villa opposite theirs that were larger and vacant, but the staff never suggested they move.

“The staff didn't want to do anything at all to help us, like we didn't mean anything. They refused to clean the room and when we asked for new sheets they refused. I asked for an umbrella so we could sit on the balcony in the heat, but again, they refused. For everything we asked for, I had to fight – as if we were second-class citizens. I sent an email to our tour operator representative TUI asking for help, but we never received any positive support. Once I had to call a doctor to examine me, as I felt very bad, and when I asked her about the covid protocol, she said that she did not know that it existed, ”the Briton shared.

On July 6, at the end of their stay, the couple was finally allowed to leave and board a plane home. Both of them still tested positive at the time of checkout and were stunned that they were going to be delayed.

Since they returned to the UK, the Brits have personally complained to TUI's managing director about their experience – and the couple are adamant they want answers. “When we were told that we were allowed to fly home, we both burst into tears – we just felt relieved. We both dropped weight in those two weeks, which I think sums up how terrible our experience was. We want TUI to provide answers to the questions why we were treated so badly and why there was no anti-Covid protocol in the proposed five-star hotel,” she continued.

For their part, the representative of the tour operator replied as follows: we understand that, unfortunately, our tourists tested positive for covid and had to self-isolate during their vacation. We can confirm that RIU Palace Pacifico has complied with all current coronavirus protocols and our team at the resort has been ready to assist them to the best of their ability during this time. We would like to assure our clients that we have a sound policy in place and regularly audit all our hotels regarding health and safety, including anti-COVID measures.”

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