What will happen to Schengen visas for Russians: how the conditions for obtaining have changed

The travel and travel service Tutu.ru told how the conditions for obtaining Schengen visas have changed after the abolition of the simplified procedure by the European Union. Recall that on September 12, the European Union suspended the agreement with Russia on the simplified issuance of visas. This means that the package of required documents has increased, the period for their consideration, and also the amount of the fee. In addition, it is now almost impossible to obtain a visa for multiple entries.

What will happen to Schengen visas for Russians: how the conditions for obtaining have changed

What is « simplified procedure for obtaining visas”

This is an agreement between Russia and the EU countries, which has been in force since 2007. Under its terms, the time of stay in European countries was up to 90 days within six months, and it was also possible to apply for multiple-entry visas for up to 5 years. There was a single visa fee of 35 € (and there were several categories that did not have to be paid), and the list of documents depended on the purpose of the trip (diplomat, tourist, relative, patient, student, etc.).

In May 2022, the European Commission completely deprived Russian officials of any privileges that previously operated under a simplified procedure. Diplomats were obliged to provide documentary evidence of any purpose of the trip and pay the visa fee in full – 80 €. Initially, it was reported that the restrictions would not affect ordinary citizens.

What has changed for tourists?

The good news is that visas continue to be issued, and with those issued earlier, you can now visit the countries of the Schengen zone (except Estonia, and from September 19 – Lithuania, Latvia and Poland).

Bad news: the procedure for obtaining a visa will become much more difficult, longer and more expensive. More bad news: The Czech Republic, Slovakia, Belgium, Poland, the Netherlands, Denmark and the Baltic countries no longer issue tourist visas to Russian citizens.


  • the fee has increased from 35 to 80 € (full fee for a Schengen short-stay visa);
  • the period for consideration of the application has increased from 10 to 45 days, or even up to six months;
  • Russian tourists will be asked for additional documents (which ones are not specified);< /li>
  • the rejection rate is likely to increase significantly;
  • it is almost impossible to get long-term and multiple-entry visas .


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