Where do Russians want to go in July?

The travel planning service OneTwoTrip found out where Russians would like to go on holiday in July. To do this, we analyzed the data of search queries of service customers with a departure in the middle of summer. Sochi, Moscow and Istanbul were the most popular destinations.

Where do Russians want to go in July?

The list of cities where tourists most often consider air tickets is opened by Sochi, this southern direction accounts for 14.4% of search queries. The average cost of a flight in July is 9,000* rubles one way per person. The second place is occupied by Moscow with a share of 7.5% (an air ticket here will cost 5,800 rubles), the third is St. Petersburg (7.3%, 6,400 rubles). Istanbul is on the fourth line (the share of search queries for July is 4.5%, a ticket costs about 19,200 rubles), on the fifth is Antalya (4%, you can fly for 25,000 rubles), on the sixth is Yerevan (3.9% , the average price of an air ticket is 13,500 rubles). Closes the rating of destinations that are of interest to Russians in July, Makhachkala (2.8%, 8,800 rubles), Kaliningrad (2.7%, 6,500 rubles), Baku (2.6%, 25,500 rubles) and Mineralnye Vody (2. 3%, 6,900 rubles).

The top countries look like this. Turkey is in first place (the share of search queries is 23.9%, you can fly here for an average of 23,300 rubles), Armenia is in second (10%, a ticket will cost 13,500 rubles), Azerbaijan is in third (6.9% , a ticket costs 25,600 rubles on average per person). They are followed by Uzbekistan (6.4%, 17,300 rubles) and Kyrgyzstan (4.8%, 12,900 rubles). The top 10 also includes Tajikistan (3.9%, 15,200 rubles), Kazakhstan (3.5%, 22,700 rubles), Georgia (2.8%, 28,400 rubles), Thailand (2.7%, 74 000 rubles) and Italy (2.3%, 49,300 rubles).

Among the popular destinations for traveling by train in July, St. one way per person), Moscow (17.7%, 2,400 rubles) and Sochi (11.6%, a train ticket costs an average of 4,000 rubles). Next on the list are Anapa (4.4%, 3,700 rubles) and Mineralnye Vody (2.3% of search queries, the average ticket price is 3,800 rubles).


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