Where do you usually fly business class?

OneTwoTrip, a travel management service, revealed the destinations booked by tourists who fly business class, buy train tickets in luxury carriages, and stay in five-star hotels. For this purpose, orders placed in April were analyzed.

Where do you fly business class most often?


This April, the share of tickets issued in business class was less than 1% of the total number of bookings for flights. Note that this indicator has not changed over the year, but at the same time, the share of bookings abroad increased by 12% compared to the same period in 2021.

In April, most often in Russia, business-class tickets were purchased to the capitals: 32.7% of all orders were issued to Moscow, and 14.9% to St. Petersburg. Also popular are Sochi (share of bookings 12.9%), Kaliningrad (3.5%) and Mineralnye Vody (3%). In comparison with the same period last year, we note that the demand for flights to the Northern capital increased by 38%. Air tickets to southern destinations are also in demand: more than 60% to Sochi, and 30% to Mineralnye Vody.

The top foreign destinations are Istanbul, where 14.1% of the service's customers traveling in business class plan to go, as well as Yerevan (12%) and Dubai (11.7%). 6.5% of bookings were made to Tel Aviv, and 6.4% to Antalya.

The average cost of a one-way business class ticket in Russia in April is 58,600 rubles abroad – 95,000 rubles. Prices have changed over the year: in April 2021 they were 52,200 and 86,800 rubles, respectively.

Railway tickets

Travelers most often planned to go to Moscow on trains in luxury carriages — 29.4% of orders were placed there. Next in the ranking, by a wide margin, are St. Petersburg, where 9.6% of trips are booked, Rostov-on-Don (6.2%), Sochi (5.1%) and Krasnodar (3.7%). Among these directions, we note the increased interest in Krasnodar – almost three times – and in Sochi – by 77%.

Over the year, seats in Lux carriages began to be booked more often: the share increased by 9% and now stands at 2 .4% of the total number of railway orders.

The average cost of a one-way ticket in April 2022 was 8,000 rubles, which is 500 rubles more than a year ago.

< strong>Hotels

In April of this year, orders for rooms in five-star hotels were most often issued in Russia – 74%. However, the share of bookings of foreign high-end accommodations increased over the year: 26% versus 20% in 2021.

Most often, rooms in five-star hotels were chosen in April in Moscow (35.2% of all bookings in Russian destinations), St. Petersburg (18%) and Sochi (8%). The top 5 also includes Grozny (3.9%) and Kazan (3.7%). Demand for high-class hotels in Kazan increased 3 times over the year, in Grozny – 2.5 times, and in the Northern capital – by 50%.

Abroad, most bookings were made in Dubai (15.5 % of the total number of bookings abroad), Minsk (7%), Yerevan (6%), Antalya (4.8%) and Tashkent (4.4%).

In general, the share of hotel bookings in the category “five stars” decreased from 10.4% in April 2021 to 8.2% in 2022.

The average price for a room in a five-star hotel in Russia was 13,000 rubles per night. A year ago, in the same period, it was 12,500 rubles. And abroad, a room costs about 18,200 rubles, while in 2021, accommodation abroad could be issued on average for 16,400 rubles.

Separately, we note that for the May holidays this year 8.8% OneTwoTrip customers booked five-star hotels. The list of the most popular cities does not differ from the April one, but demand has somewhat redistributed: 25.3% of travelers will be accommodated in Moscow, 22% in St. Petersburg, 8.3% in Grozny, 7.6% in Sochi, and Kazan — 5.4%.


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