Where is the safest place to keep money while traveling?

How to protect yourself from unnecessary spending and not become a victim of theft.

Where is the safest place to keep money while traveling?

Where is the best place to keep money while traveling?

In order not to lose money while on vacation, you need to take care of their safety and use various storage methods.

It is necessary to have both cash and bank cards, since not everywhere you can use an ATM and not everyone cards are accepted abroad.

Moreover, you should be careful not to connect to open Wi-Fi for banking transactions, as this may leak personal information.

To reduce the risks associated with storing money, it is better not to put all the banknotes in one wallet. It is recommended to divide the money into small amounts and hide them in different places. Places for hidden storage can be:

    a small soft case for a phone around the neck a scarf with a secret pocket an anti-theft backpack with a special lock a waist bag secret pockets on clothes the bottom of a large travel bag household and hygiene items

For safety, do not draw attention to these places. For example, you do not need to keep your hands in your wallets or handbags throughout the journey.

Before the trip, it is better to set limits on daily spending on the card, and when traveling abroad, call the bank so that the card is not blocked due to shopping in another country. It is also recommended to remember the bank hotline number in case the card is stolen.


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