Where the foot of a tourist from the USA has not set foot: charters will be launched for Russians in an alternative to Thailand

Where no US tourist has gone: charters to an alternative to Thailand will be launched for Russians

For Russian tourists, charter programs may soon open to a country “not subject to” US sanctions, where an American tourist has not set foot for many years. After the attempted “color revolution” in Venezuela, tourists from America became unwanted guests in the country, but they are ready to “turn their faces” towards guests from Russia in Venezuela. At least two tour operators are already in theory ready to raise charter programs, and in Venezuela itself they are ready to accept Mir cards.

This data was presented at a meeting with the leaders of Rostourism Zarina Doguzova by the Minister of Tourism of Venezuela, Ali Padron Paredes. The Minister also held meetings with the head of the Federal Tourism Agency, the Federal Air Transport Agency and the Executive Director of ATOR Maya Lomidze to discuss plans for cooperation and interaction.

“Two major Russian tour operators are considering launching a joint charter program to the Venezuelan island of Margarita. Such a charter program can expand the possibilities of a beach holiday for Russians, especially in the cold season,” said Zarina Doguzova. We are talking about large tour operators with Turkish roots – i.e. about “Pegasus” and “Anex Tour” – the experts noted. The path has already been tested – before the start of the special operation, Pegasus flew to Venezuela aboard the Nordwind and Pegas Fly. Anex also had permission to fly to this resort island in the city of Porlamar.

The main advantage of Venezuela in the current situation is that it is considered a friendly state for Russia. Accordingly, the risks of aircraft arrests in it are minimal. Accordingly, as the issues related to the operation of the fleet are resolved, travel agencies will be able to launch charters to the country. At the same time, experts note that before the start of the special operation, the prices for the direction were comparable to the rest of the long-haul routes – 4 * for breakfast cost 175 thousand for ten days. It is difficult to predict how prices will change now, but most likely they will grow in rubles.

Also, the Minister of Tourism of Venezuela also said that from April 2022, regular flights on the route Caracas – Moscow – Caracas of the national carrier of Venezuela, Conviasa airlines, will be operated once a week, and not once every two weeks, as now. Now in the schedule on the website of the Venezuelan carrier, the next flight from Moscow (Vnukovo Airport) to Caracas is announced for April 3, 2022. The cost of a round-trip flight per person, according to search engines, is 80,578 rubles. At a meeting with ATOR, the Venezuelan side said that the issue of providing acquiring in Venezuela using Mir cards is also being considered. “The timing is still unclear, but the trend is encouraging,” ATOR experts said.

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