Where to go on a trip in the near future? My plans for spring and summer

Where to travel next? My plans for spring and summer

Plan your trips Now it has become quite difficult, but I don’t want to stay without traveling at all. It is clear that flying to Europe is unlikely to succeed, so let's look for alternative options together. For myself, I found several possible relatively budget trips: maybe you will also be interested in something from this list.

Where to travel next? My plans for spring and summer

Mountain temple in Armenia

The easiest option is to go where planes fly, where there is sun, sea, sand and vineyards (underline as appropriate). Crimea and the Krasnodar Territory immediately come to mind, as well as a slightly more distant, but travel-friendly Armenia. These destinations are good because there is practically no need to leave the comfort zone on these trips.

All old and new cards work inside the country, “MIR” is accepted in Armenia, so there should be no problems with payment. In the same Armenia, they exchange rubles for local drams without any problems, if they suddenly did not have time to buy cash in the bank, so the directions seem to be as attractive as possible.

Where to go on a trip in the near future? My plans for spring and summer

Armenia also has beautiful nature

I was in Armenia last autumn, in the Crimea – the last time last spring, and in total I have been there five or seven times already. Still, I would like something new, some new impressions. That's why I'm thinking of organizing a trip. Water or land – it is not so important. In general, I really like rafting on rivers in a boat, kayak or sap. You swim calmly, you can leave the spinning along the road, and you stop for the night in a picturesque place – the beauty is the same!

I like hiking less, but I used to often spend the night in tents when traveling around Europe. Why not repeat the same thing, only in Russia? Yes, at least you can go to the same Europe, why not? Of course, there won’t be such convenient transport as before, but nobody bothers to put things in the car and go on a road trip…

Where to travel next? My plans for spring and summer

In the Khibiny on the Kola. August 2020

I traveled by car exclusively in Russia: Kola, Caucasus, Crimea and Pomorie – each of these trips was about 5-7 thousand kilometers . If you travel outside the country, then for sure the matter will not be limited to seven thousand, but what prevents you from putting, say, ten thousand on the odometer? The only point is that the car on such a long trip needs to be well prepared: you never know what can happen on the road.

On money should also come out fairly budgeted. In fact, you spend money only on fuel and food, plus sometimes for spending the night in comfortable conditions under a roof. I haven’t written a detailed estimate yet, but I think that meeting 3-4 thousand rubles a day is more than realistic.

Here are my thoughts on the upcoming travels. Where are you going this spring and summer? Already have plans?

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