Which cities abroad have the cleanest and most comfortable hotels

Travel planning service OneTwoTrip has compiled a rating of foreign cities based on the ratings of tourists. After leaving the room, the guest can rate certain parameters of the hotel on a scale from 1 to 10: location, comfort, value for money, cleanliness and staff work. OneTwoTrip has chosen cities whose hotels deserve the highest scores for each of the criteria.

Which cities abroad have the cleanest and most comfortable hotels

According to travelers' ratings, accommodation in Florence is located best for tourists: the average rating of local hotels for this parameter was 9.73 points. Most often, guests note the proximity of hotels to the center and sights of the city. Next on the list are Vilnius, whose hotels received 9.51 points, and Riga with 9.33. The top 5 also includes accommodation facilities in Budapest (9.28) and Tallinn (9.22).

The most comfortable hotels, according to tourists, are in Riga: the average score for this criterion in the city was 9.00. Most guests mention the presence of a spa, sauna or parking in hotels. Sukhum is in second place with 8.70 points, and Florence again took the third place: travelers rated the comfort and cosiness of hotels there at 8.69 points. Also on the list were the Finnish city of Vantaa (8.5) and Vienna (8.38).

Best hotels by value for money, according to the guests, are located in Florence: the average score for this parameter was 8.96. Most of all, tourists like breakfasts and a variety of rooms, where everyone can find a suitable one in terms of cost and comfort. Travelers rate hotels in Vilnius almost the same way (8.90). In addition, the top includes Sukhum (8.81), Budapest (8.50) and Tbilisi (8.41).

cleanliness, the city scored 9.19 points. Tourists note the thorough cleaning, the availability of the necessary personal hygiene products and bathroom accessories. The Finnish city of Vantaa is a little behind the capital of Tuscany – there the average score is 9.17. Sukhum (9.03), Riga (8.83) and Vienna (8.75) were also on the list of cities with the cleanest accommodation facilities.

The work of the staff is also highlighted in particular in the hotels of Florence: thanks to the polite and friendly staff, the hotels of the city scored 9.38 points. Travelers also note Vilnius (9.16), Budapest (8.97), Lisbon (8.94) and Seoul (8.92).


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