While Russian tourists are not allowed into Europe, French tourism is trying to save itself for the light of the Americans: penny prices for tours to Paris from the USA have been announced - there were no such prices even in Russia

France has lifted most of the “covid” restrictions for tourists from the United States, and is very hopeful to see them in the upcoming summer tourist season. But whether these hopes are destined to come true is a big question. “Now is the easiest time for Americans to visit Europe in general and France in particular since pre-pandemic times,” US publications say optimistically. They remind that the “vaccine pass” will no longer be needed in restaurants, bars, shopping centers, shops, public transport and museums in France.

N.B. Earlier, Turprom wrote that the euphoria of German tourists over the Russia-Ukraine conflict was completely debunked – read the details here.

France also abandoned mandatory masks in most places. There will be only a PCR test for travelers who are not vaccinated with recognized vaccines – and in general, everything. Grafted – no restrictions.

Moreover, to attract tourists, the emphasis is that this spring and summer, Americans can fly directly to beautiful cities like Paris, “at incredible prices” – only less than $500 round trip. For example Paris-New York $388 or Paris-Chicago $455. From Canada, tickets are also relatively cheap. Paris-Montreal, for example, will cost $282. And this despite the transatlantic flight! Prices from Moscow to Paris before the imposition of sanctions and even before the pandemic were significantly higher, although the flight is incomparably closer.

However, we recall that according to travel marketing company MMGY, 47% of Americans planning trips to Europe decided to “wait and see” how the situation with the crisis around Ukraine will develop. American tourists are clearly afraid of the non-stealing Old World. Read more about what Americans in Europe are afraid of – read here.

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