Why “no money” and “now is not the right time” are just excuses not to travel

Travel is always a must, especially when life is about to become unstable. I can share my example: in the summer of 2019, it so happened that I lost my main job at that time. Well, that is, in fact, the work remained, but they began to pay 5-6 times less money for it. This happens, and in a variety of areas.

I had some small savings, and instead of immediately starting in a hurry to look for a new job, I decided to go on a trip. I took tickets to Spain (yes, at that time it was possible to get a direct ticket from Russia and Spain for ten thousand rubles). Yes, and ten thousand at that time seemed too much, because in the same 2019 I flew to Bratislava for three thousand.

Okay, I'll wipe a tear of sadness off my cheek and continue the story.

All my belongings on that trip looked something like this: a backpack, a tent and two sleeping bags tied to it, and a small backpack with a camera, documents, money (so as not to be stolen) and other small things. The whole story weighed fifteen kilograms, and if you put a couple of bottles of water and some food in your backpack, then the weight was close to twenty.

You say: “It's impossible to travel like this! The backpack is crushing, the sun is hot from above, you are walking all sweaty … just hell. And if you treat such a trip in terms of the level of comfort that we are used to at home, then that is exactly how it will be. But the trick of such runs is not in comfort, but in the impressions that they give.

When you drive a rented car, you practically do not interact with the locals. Unless it is only by chance that it will be possible to talk with someone, and even then rarely. It's not that I'm a terrible extrovert and I really like to communicate with a huge number of people, but when traveling it's really important. And practice the language, and learn something interesting from the locals, and sometimes make nice acquaintances.

I remember driving from France to Spain with a young Frenchman. I was the first person from Russia whom he saw with his own eyes. I hope that I managed to dispel a little the stereotypes about the cold, bears and vodka. Although I still gave him a small bottle of vodka – not without it.

And he gave me a head of cheese, a can of cola and a cap in return;)

We spent 15 euros per day for two people, which is less than a thousand rubles at the current exchange rate, and at the 2019 exchange rate, it’s probably about the same. A thousand rubles a day for two, that is, 500 rubles per person. Plus some money for tickets to get to the starting point of the trip. Is it a lot or a little? A salary of 30K a month is enough to take you on such an adventure.

Of course, if you have a little more money, that's great. You can relax more often in hotels, eat in cafes, not depend so much on hitchhiking. But a limited budget is definitely not an obstacle to traveling. Borders are only in the head, because the perception of the world depends on what happens in this small box.

Have you ever traveled on a tight budget? Or is it always just 5* Radisson and champagne in the morning?)

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