Why would you like Switzerland and maybe want to stay here?

We've talked about the disadvantages, so now let's talk about the advantages of this beautiful alpine country. It's not just that they say “Swiss watches”, “Swiss chocolate”, “Swiss standard of living” – the Swiss really know how to do something. And, perhaps, the most important thing they know how to do is they know how to live…

Why would you like Switzerland and maybe you would like to stay here< /p>

Switzerland is first of all a stunning alpine nature. Opportunities for outdoor activities are plentiful. Go skiing in the winter at some of the best resorts in the world, or go hiking in the mountains.

I don’t know about you, but for me, the presence of clean, unpolluted nature next to the place of permanent residence is very important. In Switzerland, the impact of man on nature is clearly visible, but it is extremely positive. Who mowed the entire lawn in these alpine meadows, if not people? And no soda cans, no spittle, no cigarette butts…

Why would you like Switzerland and maybe you would like to stay here

If we talk about urban life, then in Switzerland it will be nice to live for people in demanded professions, masters of their craft. You can live even on an average salary of six thousand francs in the country, but if you get a little more, interesting opportunities immediately open up before you.

A distant acquaintance moved from his native Nizhny Novgorod to Zurich. He works in a large IT company in a good position, obviously earns more than ten thousand. They rent an apartment near the city center with their wife, take the child for swimming, and enjoy nature on weekends. It seems to be a fairly simple life, but if you think about it, then what else does a person need in general? Family, nature, reasonable income and time for hobbies and recreation. In Switzerland, people can afford it all.

Why would you like Switzerland and maybe you would like to stay here

Switzerland is Swiss in every way. From free diapers for babies in public toilets to the purest water even in the lake in the city center, through which you can see fat fish swimming through. Excellent air quality: windmills are everywhere, producing electricity that will then be used as fuel for cars.

In Switzerland, even some cities, such as Zermatt, cannot be entered by a car with an internal combustion engine: either by electric car or by train. And all this in order to preserve nature in the state in which we got it. It seems to me that this is a very correct approach.

Why would you like Switzerland and maybe want to stay here

High the standard of living in the country is confirmed by figures. According to the Human Development Index, GDP per capita and average life expectancy, Switzerland is constantly in the top of all countries on the Earth (2nd, 2nd and 6th place in each ranking, respectively).

Well, I don't want to talk about stupid stereotypes from the series or even speak separately. I would only like to advise people who really believe in this to come to Switzerland, knock on the house of the first local resident, ask him all the exciting questions and, by the smile spreading on his (or her) face, understand that all this is complete nonsense, invented by the unknown by whom, but it seems to know why…

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