Window for flight from Russia: the airline has reduced the price of air tickets by half

Window to escape from Russia: the airline has halved the price of air tickets

down. At least the “tour operator” prices for Qatar Airways fares have been lowered by almost five times since then. What is beneficial for those who want to fly to the Maldives or Phuket – at least for a long time, at least for the May holidays.

According to the experts of the Association of Tour Operators of Russia, the prices for May, even compared with the tariffs in the first week of April, the tariffs from Moscow to Doha have almost halved. This information was voiced by most of the tour operators, emphasizing that these are tour operator special fares, that is, tickets at these prices can only be bought from tour operators that have special contract terms with Qatar Airways.

During the nervous week of April, a ticket from Moscow to Doha and back for May dates cost 160-170 thousand rubles, and in March this price reached 350 thousand rubles. round trip. At the moment, a round-trip flight at a tour operator's tariff will cost 73-77 thousand rubles. for one person. In the second half of April, a one-way ticket on the Moscow-Doha route costs from 48 thousand rubles. per passenger. This is how the tour operators reported.

They also gave specific prices and directions where it is profitable to fly with Qatar Airways. In particular, these are the Maldives, the Seychelles, as well as the Thai resort of Phuket.

  • A flight via Doha to the Seychelles in April costs about 87 thousand rubles. per person, and for the May holidays – from 126 thousand rubles. per person. – such figures were named by the tour operator PAC Group,
  • From 100 thousand rubles. in both directions during the May holidays, a connecting flight on Qatar Airways flights from Moscow to the Maldives will cost,
  • Flight to Phuket – from 108 thousand rubles

ATOR experts also noted that the competitor – Emirates airlines with a route through Dubai gives higher prices: the Maldives for May from 166 thousand rubles. in both directions, to the Seychelles – from 172 thousand rubles. in both directions, to Phuket – from 170 thousand rubles. round-trip per passenger.

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