Zavidovo resort in the Tver region: results of 2021 and plans for the 2022 season

In 2021, the Zavidovo resort in the Tver region received 150 thousand tourists, and taking into account guests without accommodation – 450 thousand people, the hotel occupancy rate was from 45 to 55 percent. This was told by the head of the Zavidovo resort Konstantin Zabrodin. “We plan to increase these figures in 2022, taking into account new trends in the development of domestic tourism in Russia,” he emphasized.

Zavidovo resort in the Tver region: results of 2021 and plans for the 2022 season

Zavidovo is taking further steps to expand its capabilities. In the hotel complex “Yamskaya Sloboda” in 2023, guests of the resort will receive 20 new camping houses, the construction of which will start this year. And in the future, a new large hotel with 150 rooms will appear here.

Logistics is also developing: in the fall of 2022, the port, which is being built in the resort, will receive the first motor ships. The new transport hub will combine the possibilities of water, rail and road transport. The railway line, running from the capital's Leningradsky railway station to the port, will become an alternative to quickly, in just over 1 hour, to get to places of rest without a car. Its launch is expected in 2024. The port will become the starting point for travel and walks along the Volga.

This year, the resort began construction of several hotels of different star ratings at once: a four-star hotel with 300 rooms, a three-star hotel with 390 rooms, and a three-star apart-hotel will appear here for 440 rooms, a multifunctional congress center, as well as a family recreation center with a water park with a total area of ​​more than 50 thousand square meters. meters. The new hotels will be put into operation in early 2025.

“The capacity of hotels will be about 3.5-4 thousand beds. This is the critical level that is necessary for the development of the resort,” says Konstantin Zabrodin.


Now Zavidovo welcomes guests in the five-star Radisson Resort Zavidovo hotel and Radisson Residences apartments, the Yamskaya Sloboda complex (hotel and camping), the Zavidovo club hotel in the golf club, and the rooms of the Zavidovo Spa Village. When the new hotel complex is launched and the resort is completed, Zavidovo will receive up to 1 million tourists a year.


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